‘Adler’ Jewelry

      Adler’s Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond Ring is one of those ultimately beautiful pieces, which makes you think of the moon and puts you in a dreamy mood. It just may be that this list of other beautiful memories it triggers is the result of its deep, intense yellow central piece.

      With a pink theme made by pink gold, pink brilliant cut diamonds and the emerald cut large diamond, the Adler Catch Me Ring is the epitome of femininity, refinement and subtle beauty. These traits are a guarantee of eternal style and grace.

      The Adler Fiocco Brooch is a great example of how the brand’s jewellery know-how goes hand in hand with their exceptional sense of timeless fashion and audacious style. Adler takes pride in having managed to bring to the international scene their experience in cosmopolitan designs.

      The Adler Purple Rose Ring came to life as a result of the work invested in its design and completion by the people at Adler. The company’s devotion towards creating breath-taking pieces of jewellery characterized by being beautiful and memorable is nothing new to the devoted public.

      The Adler Diamond Ear Studs are proof of just how much women love diamonds.Although they are not the absolute top of the line where color and clarity are concerned, the Diamond Ear Studs released by Adler are without a doubt valuable jewels which win everyone’s heart just by being so simple and beautiful.