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      If you have a soft spot for aristocratic, over the top, voluptuous jewellery the Adler Catch Me Ring should satisfy your thirst for the exceptional and the opulent. Adler’s High Jewellery release is dressed to impress. A major feature of the ring is its chromatic line, characterized by unity and the unusual hue of the diamonds which adorn it.

      The element which steals the show is the 20.09 brown pink diamonds, set onto an 18 karat pink gold frame. The huge rock reigning at the top of the delicately entwined ring is counter-balanced with numerous round, brilliant cut diamonds which go throughout the gold setting.

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      Adler’s history of creating gorgeous looking designs, adorned with breath taking stones is anything but short. World class stones, like this unique diamond are not seen on your average ring. The piece is lavishly bathed in tens of other fancy round brilliant diamonds, in keeping with the chromatic theme of brown and pink.

      It is obvious, looking at the Adler Catch Me Ring, that there is a lot of know how, of connoisseurship involved in both technical and artistic aspects of the jewel. Adler has always taken pride in being the successful bash between Orient and Occident, where their influences are concerned.

      Franklin Adler, the heir of Jacques Adler – founder of the company- recalls his first encounter with gold and reports at as a magical and unforgettable moment. The strong bond he has felt with gold, from the very beginning he touched it, is in a way, representative of the brand’s traditional predilection for this metal, a predilection which is easy to understand if we keep in mind that the starting place of the Adler business was Istanbul.

      Although the company has considerably expanded its market, from the inhabitants of Istanbul to the rich and famous of the world, Adler is still determined to design jewellery for all pockets. They target the modern and self confident woman, a strong and very feminine character who successfully embodies the coincidentia oppositorum principle.

      With a pink theme made by pink gold, pink brilliant cut diamonds and the emerald cut large diamond, the Adler Catch Me Ring is the epitome of femininity, refinement and subtle beauty. These traits are a guarantee of eternal style and grace. We could say, therefore, that the Adler Catch Me Ring is a timeless investment in beauty and the ultimate prove of social status.

Adler Catch Me Ring with diamonds, 7.8 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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