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       Marylin Monroe used to say in her famous musical “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” that “Diamonds are a gril’s best friend”. Years after her iconic affirmation, women all over the world are still bewitched with these unique and absolutely amazing stones. The Adler Diamond Ear Studs are proof of just how much women love diamonds. The superb jewels have been sold at one of Christie’s auctions with approximately $231 000.

      The producer, Adler, is one of the well known players on the jewellery producing market. Unlike newer brands, like Leviev, for example, Adler do not have the privilege of having access to their own mining sites. However, they take pride in being closely involved in all other aspects of their jewellery producing processes. Adler buys the gems which they use for the beautiful jewellery they put forth. Therefore, there is much more money going into gems aquiition than for those who can mine their own gems.

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      Adler’s Diamond Ear Studs have been crafted with the utmost care and professionalism for the lucky lady who whall own them. The earrings are mounted with two round, brilliant-cut diamonds, weighing each 5.25, respectively 5.23 carats. The stones have been set in 18 karats white gold. For such dimensions of the diamonds the observer might ask himself why such a small price (because it really is a bargain for a pair of diamond earrings). The answer lies in the four C’s which come into play when discussing diamonds and their quality.

      Color, it is one of the important characteristics analized by the Gia ( Gemological Institute of America) who is entitled to release certificates and reports for the gems. The colors of the diamonds envolved in the creation of the Diamond Ear Studs are graded G and H. This means that although very well appreciated, these diamonds are not really the best of the best, from the color pont of view. The ideal is a D graded diamond, which is perfectly colorless.

      Another important feature of diamonds is clarity. Clarity refes to the amount of impurities, or inclusions that can be found in a polished and cut diamond. For the Adler Diamond Ear Studs clarity hs been set at VVS2 for both of the diamonds. VVS2 means that these stones have very very slight inclusions. The best of the best would be a FL (flawlwess) or IF (internally flawless).

      Although they are not the absolute top of the line where color and clarity are concerned, the Diamond Ear Studs released by Adler are without a doubt valuable jewels which win everyone’s heart just by being so simple and beautiful. And, since elegance and simplicity have always guaranteed timelesness, if combined, the Adler Diamond Ear Studs are sure to always be in style, and a most appreciated family jewel, for the generations to come.

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