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      For those who are irremediably in love with jewellery, Christie’s is the place to go for some of the world’s most important jewellery auctions. This Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond Ring was offered by Christie’s at one of their auctions and its price went through the roof when the bidding started.

      The Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond Ring is a release of the popular House of Adler. Their history goes far back, to the 1880’s when the founder moved to Istanbul, to start his journey in this field. Jacques Adler was a citizen of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and used to live in Vienna. He decided to relocate, though, because he realized that he would have a much better chance at making it in a place like Istanbul. The city, which was at the time one of the most important cultural centers, was also the home of gold and all major gold trade.

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      The Orient has always had a tight bond with gold, thus, it can be considered a goldsmith’s dream. Business started flourishing and Adler opened Boutiques all over the world. They are currently present in Paris, London, Dubai and Japan, to enumerate just some of the boutiques’ locations.

      Adler’s Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond Ring is one of those ultimately beautiful pieces, which makes you think of the moon and puts you in a dreamy mood. It just may be that this list of other beautiful memories it triggers is the result of its deep, intense yellow central piece. The most prominent element of the ring is a rectangular cut fancy intense yellow diamond which weighs a consistent 17.70 carats. The honey spot is shouldered by two half moons made of baguette cut diamonds.

      The Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond Ring has been conceived in 18 karats white gold. It’s rather traditional and simple lines go as a char with any number of outfits. From the every day elegance of a business suit to a pretty party-dress, this Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond Ring will accompany you with style and grace. The clean lines of the jewel guarantee its success in making a statement, while keeping your look far from the risk of being over the top.

      The price around which the creation revolves is $367 000. Not a very big price if we are to consider the quality and quantity of the diamonds which have been included into the equation.

Adler Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond Ring, 6.7 out of 10 based on 7 ratings

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