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      A unique intertwinement of elegance and boldness, the Fiocco Brooch presented by Adler is addressed to a woman who is sure of her femininity and has a well defined sense of style. Although it is not a difficult to wear item, the delicate pink ribbon being a perfect detail to many an outfit, this brooch makes a statement.

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      Dating back to 1886, when the founder (Jacques Adler) left Vienna to open his business in Istanbul, the brand has established a good name throughout the world. The proprietor, who lived in the Austo-Hungarian Empire sought to develop his dream in the cradle of civilization and wealth of the time, having as an additional advantage to his relocation, the gold trading tradition and cult kept by the Turkish people. The emphasis which gold has had on the birth and further growth of the company is still to be found nowadays in Adler’s credo.

      The people at Adler hold as a sacred tradition their brand’s connection to the noble metal known as gold. The present head of the company relates the story of his first encounter with the precious material, encounter which dates back to his youth years. He recalls having purchased pure gold from Armenian goldsmiths and melting it to create an 18 karat alloy. The yellow fiery melted liquid remained etched into his memories and triggers a melancholic feeling to this day.

      The Adler Fiocco Brooch is a great example of how the brand’s jewellery know-how goes hand in hand with their exceptional sense of timeless fashion and audacious style. Adler takes pride in having managed to bring to the international scene their experience in cosmopolitan designs. The opposing roots of the company have blended most fortunately into a combination of precise craftsmanship and dreamy, delicate designs.

      Adorned with a staggering 826 Top Wesselton diamonds, weighing a consistent 37.96 carats, the Fiocco Brooch is conceived from titanium, a low-density light weight metal with very high resistance to corrosives.

      Also known as the “space age metal”, titanium is an element which strongly reaffirms the company’s position towards its clients: the ambition to always offer a perfectly balanced combination of modernity and traditional notes. The inspired marriage of diamonds and pink coated titanium in a delicate and feminine bow has come to be the Fiocco Brooch which we were happy to present here.

Fiocco Brooch presented by Adler, 9.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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