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      If you are planning to celebrate your love by offering the one you love a gift she will never forget, then the Adler Purple Rose Ring is here to answer your prayers. A unique feast to the eyes, and all senses if we were to be precise, this amazing piece of jewellery is designed to steal your heart. A lavish 10.01 Burma ruby reigns over the aristocratic design with deep red perfectly cut facets.


      The Adler Purple Rose Ring came to life as a result of the work invested in its design and completion by the people at Adler. The company‚Äôs devotion towards creating breath-taking pieces of jewellery characterized by being beautiful and memorable is nothing new to the devoted public. The history of the brand dates as far back as 1886, when Jacques Adler founded his business. The proprietor was a citizen of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, but he decided to live Vienna for the benefit of his commercial plans. He settled in Istanbul, which was, at the time, the cultural centre of wealthy Ottoman Empire.


      The Orient, who has always had a special relation with gold, has inspired and imprinted, at the same time, its specific traits n the Adler House. Thus, Adler has come to venture in a much sought after experience, that of combining two totally different cultures and mentalities for the benefit of art, more precisely, the benefit of the women who would be interested in wearing exquisite pieces signed Adler.

      The Adler Purple Rose Ring stands proof for the expertise gathered up to this day by the craftsmen at Adler. The rich, voluptuous curves of the rose seem to spread an Oriental scent. The lavish adornments made of diamonds incrustations take our minds to the Asian style. A seeming embroidery of brilliant cut diamonds, rubies and precious metal reveal the true essence of luxury and fine taste.

      The chromatic dominant of the ensemble is silvery white. The perfectly finished noble metal reminds us of modern alloys, by its perfect luster. A rather cold, angelic purity intertwines with passionate reds, characteristic of the Burma rubies. The result is a ring no woman could say no to: the Adler Purple Rose Ring. The commitment to excellence which the brand assured its clients of is to be seen, felt and thoroughly experienced only by wearing one of their creations. Therefore, there is no more time to waste if you want to get your hands on one of their superb designs.

Adler Purple Rose Ring, 8.8 out of 10 based on 8 ratings

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