‘Asprey’ Jewelry

If you want a piece of jewelry that can be worn at elegant events and has a very royal air, then the Asprey Fern Necklace might be something you enjoy; resembling the Laurel Wreath worn by Roman leaders, but inspired from nature’s freshness, this necklace will suit any type of woman of any age and convictions.

     The centerpiece of the Colours of Asprey Deep Pink Diamond Ring is the fancy 1.88 carats deep purple diamond that is extremely evocative of the brand’s signature colour. This hue of the pink diamond is extremely rare and it is only fair to say that the purplish-pink diamond spotted at the core of the creation is not the only valuable asset of the Colours of Asprey Deep Pink Diamond Ring.

     Majestic in shape, design, color scheme and most of all, value, the Emerald Cut Majestic Pendant is candy on the eye. The deep green of the truly majestic emerald constituting the pendant speaks of royalty and blue blood through its sheer beauty and utter simplicity. The emerald cut of the emerald is sure to compliment best the beauty upheld by a rough emerald, and unveil the hidden depth and shades of the truest green characterizing the gemstone.

     The Asprey Pink Diamond Ring is part of the High Jewellery section in the Asprey catalogue. A fine example of craftsmanship and professional mastery, this remarkable piece of jewellery is here to steal the hearts and eyes of the beholders. Equipped with a staggering 6.07 carat purplish diamond as the centerpiece, the Asprey Pink Diamond Ring promises to deliver glamour and in so doing engages another consistent stash of diamonds.

     From Asprey’s current High Jewellery collection we introduce today the Asprey Colored Diamond Flower Four Petal Ring, a representative piece of art in itself, and a precious fancy colored diamond ring that will spellbound any lady across the world.The Asprey Colored Diamond Flower Four Petal Ring becomes therefore an evocative example of fine English taste and timeless classiness.

     A lucky and unusual combination of fancy colored diamonds and delicate pave diamonds, the Fancy Colored Diamond Cluster Earrings bring together that old school glamour and the necessary touch of creative energy specific to any contemporary design. Fourteen superb fancy colored diamonds are joined in a symphony of shapes, colors and hues to evoke a most fortunate precious cluster which could easily be taken for an asymmetrical flower.