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   Asprey is a British jewelry maker established in 1781 in London that also dealt in designing, manufacturing and selling other goods like silverware, leather goods, watches, accessories, books and others. The brand is also known for providing royal families with crowns, scepters and coronets and since 2013 it can pride itself with having received a Royal Warrant from the Prince of Wales, fact which only raises its reputation in the world of jewelry making. In this article we are going to present and discuss one of their latest and most impressive pieces of jewelry, the Asprey Fern Necklace from the Fern Collection.

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Shaun Leane is the designer who collaborated with Asprey on creating this collection, together with the Woodland Collection as well. The main elements which inspired the Fern Collection, which is a limited edition, are emeralds, diamonds and platinum, but the fern plant as well. Besides the Asprey Fern Necklace, the collection also contains a ring with a large emerald stone with fern motif and a pair of earrings with pear-shaped emeralds. The center of attention is, of course, the Asprey Fern Necklace, a collar necklace with back hinge which looks like a real fern wrapped around someone’s neck.

This exquisite collar necklace is made entirely from platinum with rhodium highlights to give it texture. The fern leaves are delicately and minutely carved into small pieces adorned with small emeralds, and their branches are ornamented with pave diamonds. This delicate yet sturdy ensemble holds in its center a large pear-shaped emerald surrounded by pave diamonds and small rays of emerald. The pendant can be removed and reattached, so its owner can decide how she wants to wear it.

The Asprey Fern Necklace is evidently a highly luxurious and elegant piece, so it is only meant for elegant parties and events. It can look wonderful on blonde or red-haired women with fair skin, because the emeralds and diamonds would highlight these features. However, this is the type of accessory that can look good on absolutely any kind of woman, of any age and type, because it is simply too exquisite and fairytale-like not to bring out the best in every woman. The Fern Necklace is fresh and youthful thanks to its nature-related symbolism, but it is also graceful and royal because it resembles the Laurel Wreath worn by Roman heroes and leaders. It is a timeless piece of jewelry taken from a grandmother’s chest, which her niece can wear.

Asprey Fern Necklace, 6.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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