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     Established as early as 1781 by William Asprey, the brand that bares its founder’s surname is to this day Great Britain’s representative luxury goods brand in several traditional fields.

     When William Asprey opened his silk printing business in London more than two hundred years ago he probably did not imagine that his name would come to be taken down the history line with such honour and become famous worldwide. The first attempts of opening new roads for the Asprey business were given shape in the 1800’s. The venture with different associates came and went away, but the expansion of their interest in the metal arts was to be the root of the present jewellery success the brand has registered.

     The Asprey Pink Diamond Ring is part of the High Jewellery section in the Asprey catalogue. A fine example of craftsmanship and professional mastery, this remarkable piece of jewellery is here to steal the hearts and eyes of the beholders.

     If you are on the look out for the nicest make up gift, or maybe even an engagement ring, search no further. Any girl would feel lucky and loved when being presented with such an exquisite and refined ring. The Asprey Pink Diamond Ring might be outrageously pricy, but it is sure to sweep even the most exigent lady off her feet.

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     This special piece of jewellery identified as the Asprey Pink Diamond Ring cannot be acquired without a direct appointment, because just like any other piece of High Jewellery its value and importance go far beyond the simple gesture of writing a cheque.

     Equipped with a staggering 6.07 carat purplish diamond as the centerpiece, the Asprey Pink Diamond Ring promises to deliver glamour and in so doing engages another consistent stash of diamonds. The two pear shaped diamonds that flank the fancy radiant cut star of the Asprey Pink Diamond Ring are sustained by other brilliant cut, round diamonds paving the rest of the ring.

     If we are to take into consideration the materials used in the design of this rare ring, we have to mention the fact that the purple-pink radiant cut diamond is mounted in pink gold, while the rest of the colourless diamonds are set in platinum. The four C’s that we are to take into account when discussing the value of a diamond may well be mentioned here, since the fancy pink diamond weighing 6.07 carats also boasts a VS1 clarity, which is considered to be present in top quality diamonds, all the more we are dealing with a fancy diamond.

Asprey Pink Diamond Ring, 8.2 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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