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     Whenever we talk of Asprey we talk of a fine and long tradition of English luxury goods. Not only does Asprey have a respectable position in the field of Polo equipment manufacturing, but they also take pride in over two hundred years of experience and excellence in the silk printing industry, goldsmithery, metallic works of art and other types of high end goods.

     From Asprey’s current High Jewellery collection we introduce today the Asprey Colored Diamond Flower Four Petal Ring, a representative piece of art in itself, and a precious fancy colored diamond ring that will spellbound any lady across the world.

     Asprey is nowadays synonymous with style, English values and the English spirit in its most authentic manifestations. The Asprey Colored Diamond Flower Four Petal Ring becomes therefore an evocative example of fine English taste and timeless classiness.

     What the Asprey Colored Diamond Flower Four Petal Ring brings to the bewildered eye of the beholder is a smooth combination of white and fancy diamonds which come together in the form of a flower on a delicate platinum ring paved with round, brilliant cut diamonds.

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     A central white diamond of round shape and brilliant cut stands at the core of the flower and brings 0.25 carat in the service of glamorous beauty. Its other white counterpart is represented by a 1.02 carat petal. Three fancy diamonds of blue, pink and orange colours make the rest of the flower petals, each displaying fiery and vivid colours that appeal to the eye and stir the imagination. The blue diamond weighs 0.74 carat, the orange petal 1.50 carat while the pink petal weighs 0.71 carats.

     This is the incredible Asprey Colored Diamond Flower Four Petal Ring. It is sure to bring light and energy to any outfit and make all women feel special on condition they wear it. The craftsmanship implied by the making of such a unique piece of high jewellery is great. The care and attention to detail which have been put into the making of this beautiful ring are easily spotted if we observe that the orange diamond is fixed with yellow gold fangs, to go with its hue, while the other three petals are mounted in platinum, just like the rest of the ring.

     Each petal of the Asprey Colored Diamond Flower Four Petal Ring is bordered by a row of delicately paved diamonds and the exterior of the ring also appears to be paved with fine brilliant cut white diamonds.

Colored Diamond Flower Four Petal Ring, 9.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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