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Established in 1781, Asprey has always been a representation of English luxury and tradition for more than two hundred years. Asprey has started out as a silk printing business, in South London. During the 19th century the founder’s son and grandson, both named Charlie, managed to expand their business and incorporate a brand new vision which was to be the core of the present day jewellery line. The artistic metallic work the company started producing was soon transformed into a highly profitable jewellery line. The jewelry created by them has become world-wide famous and though they specialize in diamonds it is rumored they might launch a new collection of Amber jewelry for both casual and special occasions.

The Colours of Asprey Deep Pink Diamond Ring is considered to be one of the important Asprey jewels. It is part of the High Jewellery collection and it is rightfully called ‘Colours of Asprey” since the official and traditional Asprey colour is purple.

The centerpiece of the Colours of Asprey Deep Pink Diamond Ring is the fancy 1.88 carats deep purple diamond that is extremely evocative of the brand’s signature colour. This hue of the pink diamond is extremely rare and it is only fair to say that the purplish-pink diamond spotted at the core of the creation is not the only valuable asset of the Colours of Asprey Deep Pink Diamond Ring.

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Two rows of round, brilliant-cut diamonds surround the pink star of the Colours of Asprey Deep Pink Diamond Ring, while other two rows of the same kind of diamonds pave the exterior of the ring, as well as its laterals. The hexagonal front of the ring is also sustained by two pear shaped diamonds situated on each side, just like shoulders.

The Colours of Asprey Deep Pink Diamond Ring is one of those rare pieces of jewellery appropriate for royalty and extremely sought after. This is why the price it should be sold for is not available in any catalogue, but, instead it must be established only after an appointment with the Asprey representative.

The exclusivist component of the High Jewellery acquisitionist only natural, since there are fans of certain brands, and only very few people, still, that can afford to buy such tokens of high class luxury. For these people though, the world is their oyster and the high end goods companies will do anything to attract and please them, just as we all would have expected.

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