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     For more than two centuries Asprey has been a brand which represented, in the collective opinion, the epitome of traditional English values, transposed into luxury goods manufacturing. Founded in 1781 in a part of Southern London, Asprey began as a silk printing business founded by William Asprey. It wasn’t until the next century that its true dimensions would begin to be drawn by Sir William’s son and nephew.

     During a period of eight years Asprey was appointed official keeper of the Crown Jewels, with the title of UK’s Crown Jeweller (between 1998 and 2006). Its close encounter and work with the United Kingdom’s most sought after jewels would leave a positive imprint on the designs of the jewellery Asprey produce.

     An example of the company’s past as the Crown Jeweller can be spotted when looking at the ravishing beauty of their Emerald Cut Majestic Pendant that was inspired by the Crown Jewels architecture.

     Majestic in shape, design, color scheme and most of all, value, the Emerald Cut Majestic Pendant is candy on the eye. The deep green of the truly majestic emerald constituting the pendant speaks of royalty and blue blood through its sheer beauty and utter simplicity. The emerald cut of the emerald is sure to compliment best the beauty upheld by a rough emerald, and unveil the hidden depth and shades of the truest green characterizing the gemstone.

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     Although it is as plain as daylight that the Emerald Cut Majestic Pendant is a most certain candy on the eye, it is also fair to say that it should be a living hell for your cheque book, and respectively, your bank account. These beauties sure do come in extremely high prices, and it is only a way of assuring their exclusivity and world class value.

     The exquisite Emerald Cut Majestic Pendant boasts a proud 34.40 carats of emerald-cut emerald as pendant, and 406 round, brilliant-cut diamonds paving the platinum setting with a total of 2.11 carats.

     The craftsmanship, delicacy and simplicity displayed by the Emerald Cut Majestic Pendant are attributes which have been known to represent Asprey and their luxurious products. The inspiration from England’s most important jewellery collection makes the pendant breathe power, traditional excellence, glory as well as a well deserved triumph over the mundane lack of direction in style.

Asprey Emerald Cut Majestic Pendant, 8.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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