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     Asprey is famous for creating high end luxury goods and representing the United Kingdom for more than two centuries with style and dignity. The Fancy Colored Diamond Cluster Earrings are a fine proof of Asprey’s attention to traditional values and modern designs, reunited in the non conformist look of the earrings we are presenting here.

     A lucky and unusual combination of fancy colored diamonds and delicate pave diamonds, the Fancy Colored Diamond Cluster Earrings bring together that old school glamour and the necessary touch of creative energy specific to any contemporary design.

     Fourteen superb fancy colored diamonds are joined in a symphony of shapes, colors and hues to evoke a most fortunate precious cluster which could easily be taken for an asymmetrical flower. The total weight of the fancy diamonds is of 15.56 carats and it is complimented by a staggering 321 brilliant cut white pave diamonds which total 1.20 carats in weight.

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     Just like all the Asprey creations, the Fancy Colored Diamond Cluster Earrings are mounted in platinum, which is known to be the most precious and noblest metal of all. An array of orange, yellow, pink, blue, brown, greenish and terracotta come together in unusual shapes and demonstrate that fine jewellery can be created from precious gemstones of all colours and shapes, on condition the craftsmanship involved in the making of the pieces is one of the highest standards.

     The Fancy Colored Diamond Cluster Earrings take us un a journey through the royal gardens and treasures of the United Kingdom. Since Asprey has been appointed Crown jeweler for eight years (starting with 1998 to 2006), they have had enough time to appreciate and internalize the classical and amazing talent implied by the making and design of the Crown Jewells.

     The honor of being Crown Jeweller, and taking care of the maintenance of the Royal Jewellery has left a most positive and fortunate imprint on the style and design of Asprey’s High Jewelry line. The technical work underwent by each piece is extreme and the simplicity, refinement and strength of each piece make each of the High Jewellery pieces items to deserve a life and story of their own.

Fancy Colored Diamond Cluster Earrings , 4.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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