‘Boucheron’ Jewelry

It was once said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend and there couldn’t be a more truthful and insightful sentence than that! However, as times have changes, so have our tastes in gems and jewellery pieces. With the evolution of the Internet, social media networking and a continuously growing number of ladies dedicating themselves […]

     Although it isn’t your usual and traditionally designed engagement ring, the Eternelle Grace solitaire can easily steal the heart of a lady, especially if you have made some previous progress in that area yourself. Boucheron has always been a bold jewelry house, they like taking risks and encourage a self confident and independent target client.

      Boucheron presents its notorious Extravagant Bestiary, a line featuring some of the most amazing jewelry ever seen on the animal theme. The French house has been meddling with animal motifs for more than four decades now, and its innovations have been met with major enthusiasm from the very beginnings. This is why I have chosen […]

      When we say Boucheron, we say haute joaillerie tradition. Founded in 1858 by Frederic Boucheron the brand has bejeweled an impressive number of actresses, singers, writers, royalties, maharajahs, or billionaires. Its presence on 26 Place Vendome, in Paris dates as far back as 1893, Boucheron being actually the first jeweler to move to Place Vendome. […]

      Timeless elegance, angelic grace, these attributes can be spotted at a first glance cast on the famous Cinna Pampilles Drop Earrings. These delicate glitter drops have been available for some time now at Boucheron. Green tears and drops, set on a blackened gold mould, speak of times immemorial, when aristocratic or bourgeois ladies took pride […]

      A long line of crafty jewelers and intrepid business men, descending from the man himself, Frederic Boucheron, the great grandfather and founder of today’s luxury brand, brings their latest collection of high jewelry: Gaieté Parisienne (Parisian Joy). The first jeweler to move to Place de Vendome chose the most lighted corner of the square, to […]