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      When we say Boucheron, we say haute joaillerie tradition. Founded in 1858 by Frederic Boucheron the brand has bejeweled an impressive number of actresses, singers, writers, royalties, maharajahs, or billionaires. Its presence on 26 Place Vendome, in Paris dates as far back as 1893, Boucheron being actually the first jeweler to move to Place Vendome. The legacy has been carefully carried out in the family till it reached today’s world wide notoriety and status.

      The latest bold and praise worthy move from this creative and innovative house has been the much talked about collaboration with the notorious designer Mark Newson. The Australian designer has set a hallmark on objects from a vast range of domanins. From aircrafts, cars and furniture to the subject matter of our presentation: the Julia Necklace, courtesy of Mark Newson and Boucheron.

      Launched in 2008, this piece of jewelry has taken the world by surprise and has set new standards in the jewelry business industry. The massive diamond and sapphire creation has required over fifteen hundred hours of manual labor from Boucheron craftsmen. It is an example of professional virtuosity, as the jewelry specialists have ben keen on creating a necklace that will perfectly follow the accurate mathematical equations and coordinates of the theme. The ambition of the Julia Necklace manufacturers has even surprised its designer in a more than positive manner. He confessed it ended up being much more accurate to the initial design that he could have ever hoped.

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      What makes the Julia Necklace, courtesy of Mark Newson and Boucheron, a unique, “insolent and audacious” (Boucheron’s description) is the illustrious inspiration it embodies: a blend of fine artistry, craftsmanship and mathematics. Newson’s timely and constant passion for fractals has found an expression in the design of the Julia Necklace. The necklace is a representation of Julia fractals (named after the scientist who discovered them, Julia Gaston), discovered at the dawn of the twentieth century. For the reader to make a general idea: fractals are rough geometrical shape which can be divided and subdivided endlessly in other units almost identical to them.

      In spite of its impressive dimensions this piece of jewelry is not heavy or difficult to wear. Its manufacturing has probably been a blood and tears job, with the jewelers’ ambition to go by the book on representing the accurate mathematic representation of each fractal. Nevertheless, what is most important is the astonishing result which can be truly added to the world’s timeless jewelry legacy.

      The Julia necklace was not intended to be a costly piece, as Newson declared, but its time, craftsmanship and minute detail requirements will probably transform it in one of Boucheron’s most expensive pieces.

Boucheron and Mark Newson Julia Necklace , 8.5 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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