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      Timeless elegance, angelic grace, these attributes can be spotted at a first glance cast on the famous Cinna Pampilles Drop Earrings. These delicate glitter drops have been available for some time now at Boucheron. Green tears and drops, set on a blackened gold mould, speak of times immemorial, when aristocratic or bourgeois ladies took pride in such feminine adornments.

      The Cinna Pampilles Drop Earrings seem to speak of Boucheron’s long and glorious history better than any other piece they have at the time. Their lucrative tradition of over one hundred and fifty years of craftsmanship in the jewelry industry is evoked by classic pieces like this one. Looking at the patina of the Cinna Pampilles Drop Earrings we see Paris as it was in the 1850’s, when Frederic Boucheron started the business, we daydream of the ladies’ enthusiasm when he moved his boutique on 26 Place de Vendome, where we can still find them today.

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      Cinna Pampilles Drop Earrings have been produced in several variants: sapphires, corals, opals, diamonds, and emeralds. The variety has been reduced to only two choices, at the moment, diamond or emerald gems. One irremediably falls in love with the fluid and harmonious lines of the jewels. I chose to present the green ones, since green is one of my favorite colors and they looked more optimistic and vivid altogether. The Boucheron designers have not disappointed us before, and it is rather obsious that they only managed to touch our hearts this time, with the Cinna Pampilles Drop Earrings project. Perfect architectural balance, round, smooth lines, refinement and mellow, breath-taking flow, this is what meets the eye with this model.

      A blackened gold setting of 12,6 grams hosts one hundred and fifty two round emeralds weighing a total of 2.41 carats. The hanging stones are sixteen drop emeralds of a respectable 6.35 carats. The price for this lucky charm piece is a consistent 39.000 euros. Obviously, quality and style don’t come cheap, they never have.

      For those interested, who think of offering a gorgeous gift to themselves or a loved one, there are some mentions which should be made about the particularities that make this jewelry stand out. The name of the earrings comes from Emperor Augustus’ grandson ‘Cinna’. ‘Pampilles’ means pendants, referring to the hanging emeralds which compliment the briolette. The antique look of the earrings can be completed with a matching necklace from the same line. The necklace is versatile and can be adapted to different occasions, as its briolette comes off. The necklace is available in diamonds and makes a good combination with the diamond earrings which you can purchase for about 40.000 euros. The necklace is a fair 24,600 euros for more than a total of 4 carats in diamonds and white gold settings. Jewelry aficionados all over the world have purchased this item. It has even made the red carpets several times, being worn by hugely popular actresses like Kristin Davis, the loved ‘Charlotte’ character from “Sex and the City”. She wore them in diamonds and white gold setting.

Boucheron Cinna Pampilles Drop Earrings , 5.5 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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