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      Love is an all season feeling. Thus love deserves to be celabrated on every single day for as long as we live. For that purpose Boucheron has created the Eternelle Grace solitaire, a diamond ring beautiful like no other for the woman you want to spent the rest of your life with. The jewel is included in the Boucheron Eternelle Grace collection from their specialized brides’ lines. The Eternelle Grace concept also figures a wedding ring interpretation, the Eternelle Grace wedding band, a mind blowing piece which elegantly molds innovative design of diamonds, white and pink gold.

      Although it isn’t your usual and traditionally designed engagement ring, the Eternelle Grace solitaire can easily steal the heart of a lady, especially if you have made some previous progress in that area yourself. Boucheron has always been a bold jewelry house, they like taking risks and encourage a self confident and independent target client. The brand’s generous tradition has taught them to be sensitive to all types of tastes and to reinterpret different themes and traditions in their own singular manner. The other brides’ collections feature versions of a more traditional design, but the Eternelle Grace solitaire is simply too great to need any amendments.

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      The engagement ring is made up of one marquise cut diamond as the central piece and fifty four round diamonds weighing a total of 0.50 carat and paving the two lateral strips. The diamonds are set in platinum and the total weight of the metal used for the piece is of seven grams. Looking carefully at the marquise cut of the central piece we understand why Eternelle Grace solitaire is one of the most remarkable engagement ring fiends. The diamond, which is the hardest stone known on Earth, has such a perfect cut, that it seems to have thousands of tiny mirrors reflecting light inside it. The middle of the stone gives a maximum depth to the gem and looks like a vortex in wich you can easily get lost.

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      The Eternelle Grace solitaire somehow looks like a crown, it has a certain royal feel to it and I imagine that having this ring on your finger would feel like wearing a tiara. Refinement has always been an inherent trait of Boucheron jewelry, but there are some particular pieces, like the Eternelle Grace solitaire, and its pair, the Eternelle Grace wedding band, that stir a symphony of emotions inside their beholder.

      Prices for the diamond ring revolve around 8,250 euros, and if you have fallen in love with the delicate and aristocratic look of the Eternelle Grace collection, you can also purchase two matching wedding rings for you and your significant other. The Eternelle Grace wedding band is priced somewhere around 4,800 euros, therefore the whole purchase will be an average 18,000 euros. Not little money, but a fair price for such heart melting exhibits of grace and everlasting style.

Boucheron Eternelle Grace Solitaire Collection, 7.8 out of 10 based on 12 ratings

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