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      Boucheron presents its notorious Extravagant Bestiary, a line featuring some of the most amazing jewelry ever seen on the animal theme. The French house has been meddling with animal motifs for more than four decades now, and its innovations have been met with major enthusiasm from the very beginnings. This is why I have chosen to enlarge upon a most attractive and eye catching jewel: The Trouble ring.

      More than one and a half centuries have turned the intrepid and talented craftsmen from Boucheron into high end jewelry designers and manufacturers. The creative strike of the lines has been obtain by in house innovation or by the numerous collaborations accomplished throughout the years. If in the 1890’s Frederic Boucheron was opening the first and largest jewelry boutique on 26 Place Vendome, today Boucheron is one of the most prominent brands from the jewelry and watch making industry, having kept as a valuable remain from the past only its famous location and the merits that had a saying in shaping who they are now.

Boucheron Trouble ring Picture

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      Boucheron has been experimenting with the snake symbol for more than fifty years maybe. In 1970 they created the best selling snake line. This particular symbol is the most loved and characteristic animal motif used on the animal themed products and lines. The snake is an unspoken Boucheron trademark, since it has been in their creations for such a long time and brought such growth to their business. And if it has been a lucky charm for Boucheron, it just may become your lucky charm too.

      Let us get back to the great looking topic of our article: the Trouble ring. This gorgeous piece of art combines a few basic principles which result in the eye catching ring. The principles are: simplicity, elegance and attitude. Boucheron have often presented their creations as being ‘insolent’ and ‘audacious’, meant for strong personalities and bold people. This ring reinforces the characteristics so close to the brand. The two swirling serpents who jointly hold in their mouths a black jade bead exult a rare beauty and force. Aggression of gesture is so perfectly balanced with the smooth lines of the posture, that the final result is pure perplexity and exhilaration.

      The Trouble ring is a lucky molding of 18 K yellow gold, diamonds and blak jade. The bead weighs a considerable 15.4 carats, the sixteen diamonds total 0.11 carat and the gold engaged in the making of the ring weigh about 10.3 grams. The eyes of the snakes are made of black enamel. The price of this stunning shiner will not trouble you as much as its name might suggest. The diamond detailed piece can be yours for 3000 euros, while a simpler interpretation of the exact same design, but lacking the diamonds, will cost you an approximate 2,500 euros.

      The Trouble ring can be associated with many other available snake model jewels available at Boucheron from all categories: cufflinks, earrings, pendants, charm bracelets.

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