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      A long line of crafty jewelers and intrepid business men, descending from the man himself, Frederic Boucheron, the great grandfather and founder of today’s luxury brand, brings their latest collection of high jewelry: Gaieté Parisienne (Parisian Joy). The first jeweler to move to Place de Vendome chose the most lighted corner of the square, to have a natural light caressing his finely cut gems. The vision he proved with this move would be the starting point of a very bright future for his business and would attract many other competitors in the area where his boutique had opened.

      A tribute to the Belle Époque’s most poignant feminine figures, which have imprinted their hallmark on the art de vivre of that period, the Gaieté Parisienne is made up of seven sets of high jewelry. Each of the sets is named after a famous Parisian lady, an icon or Grande-dame of the old Paris scene. Jewelry inspired by cabaret dances like the can-can of the Moulin rouge, or the gambling scenes display a lavish opulence of diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, pearls, gold and platinum.

      A loved member of the Gaieté Parisienne is the Jeanne jewelry set. It includes two pairs of earrings, a watch, a necklace and a large ring. The name and inspiration of the pieces celebrates the discrete but illustrious figure of Jeanne Souchard. She was the queen of pastries, which she continuously managed to invent and improve, in her cozy boutique on Rue Royale. The most amazing looking and tasting sweets which inscribed Jeanne’s name in the history of pastry making are to be found in Boucheron’s interpretation named Jeanne. The ‘goodies’ featured on the jewelry pieces are Black Forest cakes, Rum babas, cream tarts, and other delicacies realized in rubies, sapphires and coral decorations. Everything sprinkled with the finest diamond mist, as a whipped cream velvety final touch.

      Jeanne’s tasty creations are now reminded of by a pleiad of violet sapphires, yellow gold, brilliant-cut diamonds, rubies and corals. The Necklace features a combination of Baba blue rum cake, fruit, cream pie, and a Black Forest cake. The wristwatch is mounted on a gorgeous bracelet and its dial hidden under a mouth-watering cake. The ring is large, made of 18 K gold spirals adorned with numerous brilliant shaped diamonds, revolving around a violet sapphire core stone. Eight red coral tear shaped “strawberries” circle the precious symphony, and a large circle suggesting the body of the cake comprises the glittering ballet. Jeanne’s earrings repeat the central major design of the ring, embellishing it with large, wonderful rubies in yellow gold settings, tear shaped rings with sapphire and diamond contours, and a tear shaped, mobile threesome of rubies and violet sapphires. A baroque, highly adorned style, with an abundance of colors and mellowed shapes, to recall the prosperous late 19th century epoch, exulting of joy, love for life and luxurious tastes.

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