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         Bulgari, mostly spelled Bvlgari, after the classical roman etymology, is one of the prominent Italian luxury brands. With its name inspired from that of its Greek founder, Sotirios Voulgaris, Bvlgari has managed to imprint its sound wrapping onto the memory of many a man. Today, Bvlgari is the equivalent of unique style and luxury throughout the entire world.

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        The popular and immediately visible Bulgari style is characterized by the use of ancient motifs and themes, which are mostly embodied in huge massive gold elements and a predilection for the use of wonderfully colored stones. The latest collections come to confirm the trend we all know and love. A most fortunate combination between ancient and modern, the Parentesi collection brings forth jewels that contain the true Italian style.

        The Parentesi Cocktail Ring is a member of the latest collections launched. It engulfs the vivacity and flamboyance of the Italian spirit, while managing to be in the center of attention but keep up with the most elegant and refined standards. A surprising mélange of blasting color and cool sheer, a powerful statement made by the smart marriage between extreme dimensions and a irreproachable proof of attention to detail.

        An explosion of violet glimmers and sheer light, coming from the simply immense multi faceted amethyst, combines with the mirror polished white gold that accommodates the Parentesi Cocktail Ring. Such an amount of color and gorgeousness are a sight for sore eyes. The large jewel makes a strong statement and steals the show right away. And there is more to add to the ring’s value and beauty. The 18 karat white gold setting is paved with delicate round brilliant cut diamonds.

        The Parentesi Cocktail Ring has the huge advantage that besides being a downright eye catcher is set with the huge amethyst, a beautiful semi-precious stone that makes it alright to wear the ring at any given time of the day or night. While other stones. Like sapphires or fancy diamonds are a lot more requiring, the amethyst is a perfect all day friend, which allows you to enjoy your superb ring in whatever circumstances. Many people who possess diamonds or sapphires of large dimensions prefer to have them replaced with semi-precious stones, because they feel safer that way, and the beauty and resistance of a less costly gem are comparable with those of good quality diamonds or sapphires.

        The Parentesi Cocktail Ring is a most appropriate gift, if you feel like bringing a most sincere smile on the lips of the woman you cherish. The Italian company has its own special way of designing jewellery that no woman can say no to. They are simply amazing

Bvlgari Parentesi Cocktail Ring, 9.3 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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