‘Cartier’ Jewelry

When planning a wedding and figuring out all of the tiny little details that go into the making of a perfect ceremony and event, the focus and attention must not always be on the bride and groom. As a matter of fact, the world of wedding planners and busy happy couples is nowadays revolving on […]

The most dramatic Cartier jewelry creations remind of a rich variety of plants. There are 14 Caresse D’Orchidees par Cartier necklace models made out of pink gold with diamonds, pink sapphire and colored stones or a blend of white gold and exotic materials.

Cartier created jewelry for the wealthiest men and women in the world who wanted to adorn themselves and to impress others. While photographs fade and clothes decay, timeless jewels such as the Cartier Evasions Joaillieres bracelet are able to capture the zeitgeist and aspirations of an era.

    The cartier classic solitaire 1895 ring is the materialization of beauty, sensuality and elegance. This Cartier classic features delicate lines, a brilliant-cut center diamond and smaller brilliant-cut diamonds radiating from the center.

    Cartier style reinvents itself over and over again as every piece of jewelry gathers perfection, excellence and outstanding qualities. One of the Princes of Wales named Cartier “jeweler of kings, king of jewelers”…

      The refined Cartier Citrine and Turquoise Ear Clips are conceived as a symphony of lights, colors and geometrical shapes, all tuned to the same mermaid sang melody. The ear clips seem to have somehow encapsulated the light and warmth of the summer sun, and the delicate cabochon petals onto which the citrines are projected remind of still, summer skies.

      Inspired by sun and blue skies or deep cool seas, the Gold, Aquamarine and Ruby Set by Cartier is a symbol of summer bliss. The combination of blue, yellow and red have a way of inspiring the admirer and draw her towards holiday thinking. And while the set is a perfect reminder of hot quiet days, it perfectly goes with any casual, boho-chic, or even office outfit. The super fun set is a collectible item.

      Cartier’s Toi & Moi Ring is created in a crossover style. The precious metal in which the gems are set is 18 karats yellow gold. The old cut, main diamond weighs 2.60 carats and is complemented on the opposite side by a baguette cut diamond of smaller dimensions. The cushion shaped Burma ruby weighs 3.02 carats and is also counter balanced by a similar ruby which flanks the large diamond..

      Presently Cartier is the number one seller of luxury goods (jewellery) in the world. As we have seen, their devotion to beauty and professionalism in this field is no novelty. The Art Deco Pearl and Diamond Bar Brooch is the best proof we could give to support the story. Beside the silky shimmer of the oval pearl ..

      Designing animal motif brooches, like that which envisaged a panther and which worn by Wallis Simpson brought them global acclaim and recognition, is something Cartier is famous for. Therefore, the Cartier Turquoise Turtle Brooch comes from a long line of famous and much sought after ancestors.