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      Since 1847, when it was born, Cartier has been creating the most fabulous jewellery people could afford. Even if they had been creating for royal houses, Cartier know how to keep in touch with the rest of the social classes, too, by offering high quality objects at a more reasonable price.

      To remind us of the Cartier glorious days from times past, is the breath taking Art Deco Pearl and Diamond Bar Brooch. The stunning piece was created around 1925. A token of Cartier ever present craftsmanship and dedication to excellence, this old piece of jewellery comes from a private collection, and has been auctioned at Christie’s for no less than $30000. The ensemble is made of a drop-shaped pearl that measures 11.7 x 8.8 millimeters and quite a lot of diamonds.

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      Cartier was entitled, by one of the Wells Princes, “Joaillier des Rois, Roi des Joailliers” (Jeweler to Kings, King of Jewellers). For many years the brand has been offered the honor by being presented with the Royal warrant of supplier to Royal Courts such as The Court of England, Romania, Spain, Greece, Belgium, Portugal, Egypt, Albania, Serbia or the Principality of Monaco.

      Presently Cartier is the number one seller of luxury goods (jewellery) in the world. As we have seen, their devotion to beauty and professionalism in this field is no novelty. The Art Deco Pearl and Diamond Bar Brooch is the best proof we could give to support the story. Beside the silky shimmer of the oval pearl which is suspended from the diamond bar, there are a large number of diamonds varying in sizes and cuts.

      The Art Deco Pearl and Diamond Bar Brooch has been crafted in platinum. The setting accommodates baguette-cut diamonds, round, brilliant-cut ones, emerald cuts, all in a restless play upon geometrical figures. The length of the brooch is of seven centimeters. This art deco inspired jewel is a sign that art and jewellery have always been hand in hand, at least where the great jewelers of the world have been concerned. Owning the Art Deco Pearl and Diamond Bar Brooch is obviously more than a fashion statement. It is a privilege which should be offered to a genuine art lover.

Cartier Art Deco Pearl and Diamond Bar Brooch, 9.6 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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