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      The Caresse d’orchidees par Cartier Necklace is part of the Caresse d’orchidees par Cartier collection. It is a tribute to the eternal feminine and mysterious seduction. A perfect embodiment of the collection’s spirit, the Caresse d’Orchidees Necklace brings forth a stunning combination of brilliant-cut diamonds and three large superb rubellites. The delicate orchid has five diamonds sparkled petals and its central piece is an oval rubellite. Two mobile diamonds paved platinum strings hold two oval rubellites who glow in mysterious shades of dark bloody red.

      The Cartier legacy has been added another wonderful piece to. This example of excellent skill in the art of jewelry making is also an eye catcher and a most sensual piece of jewelry. In the good old Cartier style this necklace displays a most convenient versatility, it can be worn as necklace with the orchid as pendant, or it can be worn separately, combined with other pendants, while the orchid is also a brooch. In deed the beauty of this majestic diamonds and deep red reubelites concert deserves to be seen as often and in as many interpretations as possible.

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      What makes Caresse d’Orchidees par Cartier Necklace an irresistible piece of luxury is its superior quality. The metal in which the stones are set is 950% platinum. The brilliant-cut diamonds paving the necklace are quite large, keeping a refined and delicate line. The fine quality rubellites give the Caresse d’Orchidees par Cartier Necklace its character and personality. A woman adorned with this exceptional piece of fine art is displaying a part of her intimate persona through the intricacies of the Cartier design. You can see a whole world of passion, unparalleled beauty and delicate emotions through the sparkles of the magnificent gems.

      Rubellites are varieties of tourmaline ranging form the deepest, darkest reds to the most electric pinks. Not every red or pink tourmaline is a rubellite. These gems own an exceptional beauty and are significantly more pricy than other tourmalines. The main qualities you will be enjoying if purchasing Caresse d’Orchidees par Cartier Necklace include the rubellites’ quality of keeping a constant hue and undertone in any type of light. Thus, be it night or day, these gems will be looking as amazing as ever. This recommends the jewel for any special occasion, be it day or night. The fact that it can be worn separately, also brings a huge plus, as you can completely change the look of an outfit and accommodate it with the occasion and time of day. A discrete simple necklace and a lavish brooch can be the solution for the daytime, while at night you can transform this dazzling adornment into the sophisticate Caresse d’Orchidees par Cartier Necklace, as presented in these pictures.

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      The necklace can be complimented with similar earrings, rings and bracelets, to make a perfect gift set, or to just have more of those wonderful paved orchids you can’t get enough of.

Cartier Caresse d’Orchidees Necklace, 7.6 out of 10 based on 9 ratings

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