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      Having designed jewels for Royalties and stars like Wallis Simpson, Cartier is to this day the number one brand in the luxury jewellery business. They make it their goal to create refined and perfectly finished items for a large array of fans, trying to please as many social categories as possible. This open policy towards their target buyers, as well as their permanent pursuit of fine quality and beauty assured Cartier of their first place in the luxury goods selling tops.

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      The Cartier Citrine and Turquoise Ear Clips are part of a long line of exquisite jewellery mounted with turquoises and set in 18 karat yellow gold. If the buyer should want to associate the earrings with some other similar piece they need to look no further than the eye catching classic Cartier Turquoise Tortoise Brooch.

      Owning a Cartier jewel is nothing far from a Royal privilege. Starting with 1904, when they received the first warrant as Royal Jewellers from the Crown of England, the good news and appreciation poured in from all over the world. Other Royal families appointed Cartier as their suppliers, and thus the brand became connected with Royalties from countries like Spain, Romania, Portugal, Serbia, the Principality of Monaco, the House of Orleans, Albania, Greece, Russia, Siam, Belgium or Egypt. Like other famous jewellers Cartier has been bejewelling some of the richest Maharajahs of the world.

      The refined Cartier Citrine and Turquoise Ear Clips are conceived as a symphony of lights, colors and geometrical shapes, all tuned to the same mermaid sang melody. The ear clips seem to have somehow encapsulated the light and warmth of the summer sun, and the delicate cabochon petals onto which the citrines are projected remind of still, summer skies. A rectangular citrine of quite remarkable dimensions reigns over the ensemble, making a statement that includes optimism and love of life. The light blue characteristic of turquoises makes a strong but stylish contrast with the two nuances of yellow –that of the gem and that of the gold.

      In Cartier’s well known manner, the earrings are inspired from nature, respectively, they embody flowers. The length of the Cartier Citrine and Turquoise Ear Clips is 3.4 centimeters for each piece and there is an original inscription engraved by Cartier, which confirms the use of gold for the jewel’s setting.

      Cartier’s Citrine and Turquoise Ear Clips were estimated at about 13 000 US dollars. Their price may or may not make justice to their classic beauty, but one thing is sure, regardless of how much cash you spend on these beauties, a woman will be sure to love them right away.

Cartier Citrine and Turquoise Ear Clips, 6.5 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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