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Cartier created jewelry for the wealthiest men and women in the world who wanted to adorn themselves and to impress others. While photographs fade and clothes decay, timeless jewels are able to capture the zeitgeist and aspirations of an era. The Cartier Evasions Joaillieres bracelet is proof that diamonds are a girl’s only friends.

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The Cartier Evasions Joaillieres collection takes us to exotic destination with its elegant, luscious curves and exotic contrasting colors. This line explores many styles throughout history. It is born of desire to overstep boundaries and touch upon Catier’s most famous references: time, color and style. But what makes each piece so exquisite?The collection’s pieces, including the Cartier Evasions Joaillieres bracelet, are intended to rise above the stylistic limits of any design period. Its subtle exotic shades and nuances are gathered to create an odyssey with many influences.

The collection manages to reinterpret themes that are always present in the Cartier creations: color combination, abstraction and geometry. The bold presence of pink opals and onyx and black and pink sapphires remind of the balance of a yin-yang. It takes only one look at the Cartier Evasions Joaillieres bracelet to notice the opposing traits that somehow manage to splendidly exist together. The design can also be interpreted as a journey through space and time that ends in a place where the history of Cartier meets the future.

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Cartier’s Evasions Joaillieres collection is composed of two parts: an oceanic stopover and an oriental dream. The first collection reminds of an oceanic archipelago with its aquamarine colors. Cartier combined multiple shades of green (chrysoprase, tanzanites) with blue (sapphire, tanzanites). The Cartier Evasions Joaillieres bracelet is made of pink gold and black lacquer, onyx, diamonds, a purple chalcedony cabochon, prehnites and two chrysoprases.

The second collection takes us on a journey to faraway Oriental lands. The Cartier Evasions Joaillieres bracelet sits at the confluence of Asia and Persia. The 18k rose gold piece is adorned with 53 diamonds, 7 pink sapphires, 7 black sapphires, 7 onyx beads and 7 pink opal beads. The bracelet’s contrasting features are lulled by an aura of femininity. Diamonds overlap in a discrete border of rose gold while the black and pink sapphire cabochons emphasize the roundness of opal and onyx spheres. Strings of sautoir necklaces display their contrasting colors in pink and black, precious and mysterious for a new journey. Cartier’s collection is truly a work of art that crosses boundaries of color and design with grace.

Cartier Evasions Joaillieres Bracelet, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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