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      Cartier has been around for over one and a half centuries. The story started in 1847, when Louis-François Cartier took over his master’s workshop. Later on, his grandsons Louis, Pierre and Jacques established the basis of the ever growing success that Cartier is nowadays.

      Many Cartier pieces manage to combine classic beauty with just the right sprinkle of innovative design, but what has always been the brand’s constant hallmark is craftsmanship excellence.

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      This articles celebrates one of Cartier’s most coveted rings: Inde Mystérieuse Ring. The gorgeous diamond and amethyst piece is so appealing due to its intense violet amethyst and the delicate and refined diamonds which embrace your finger and the central piece of the jewel. Inde Mystérieuse Ring is made of 18 K white gold, one 7.8 carats amethyst(for the medium model) or a staggering 19.5 carats (for the large model) and numerous brilliant cut diamonds which go all over the ring.

      Amethyst is a hugely popular gem, pertaining to the quartz variety. If it were not for the abundance in which these stones are found, this type of gem would have been extremely expensive. Its eye catching hue can have a different range of intensities and nuances, depending on the aluminum and iron quantities it contains (a intricate and complex combination of aluminum and iron is what gives the amethyst its violet hue). Boasting a honorable 7 on the Mohs’ scale which measures gemstone’s durity, the amethyst is a perfect piece for jewelry making.

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      Amethyst is no novelty. The Inde Mystérieuse Ring had many ancestors throughout human history. Jewelers and goldsmiths have come to master the most obscure secrets which were still blocking them from producing the most amazing adornments. In times past amethyst was used not only for the benefit of beauty. It was believed that it had anti drinking properties, and cups were made of amethyst, to reduce secondary effects of heavy drinking. It was also used by people who wanted to stay away from alcohol, as a kind of therapeutic stone and charm. And a lucky charm it will be, since I can’t imagine this ring bringing anything but sheer excitement and insurmountable lust to own it, on the part of other women.

      Although amethysts are abundant, large cut stones are extremely rare, due to the gemstone’s particularities, which prevent it to have a dark violet evenly distributed color throughout. Therefore, the larger the stone, the more precious the jewel. Cartier makes, like in the case of many other pieces, three variants of the Inde Mystérieuse Ring, small, medium and large. As you might expect the dimensions mainly refer to the size of the amethyst. With a superb 19.5 carats amethyst, the large interpretation of the ring is a true ravishing vision. It manages to attract all eyes on it, and make you the star of the event. A voluptuous jewel which also makes a most perfect gift for the lady you hold dear to your heart.

Cartier Inde Mystérieuse Ring, 6.2 out of 10 based on 10 ratings

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