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      The Panthere de Cartier Bracelet which we are unveiling today is one of the most gorgeous looking members of the Panthere de Cartier Collection. A 18 K white gold solid buckle for your wrist which will give you a modern and elegant look. The diamond paved head and ‘tail’ of the panther are also set with two beautiful emeralds and onyx stones. The name of the collection has been inspired by Louis Cartier’s creative partner and has come to be embodied in a numerous series of splendid jewelry. The panther motif is meant to denote dark, poignant, irresistible seduction and is destined for a woman with a strong character and self-sense.

      The Panthere de Cartier Bracelet displays a panther head in a fierce, aggressive stance. Just as fierce as the beauty Cartier envisions for the owners of these pieces. The bracelet is a solid “C” shaped piece and is available in white or yellow 18 K gold. The look of the panther as interpreted by Cartier is for most cases a silvery white theme with black onyx or enamel spots and sometimes emerald details. For lovers of the warmer and more classical yellow gold, some versions of the jewels are set in 18 K yellow gold.

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      The Cartier brand has a long, long tradition in the jewelry and watch-making businesses. In 1847 the first Cartier page was written, when Louis-François Cartier took over the business of his master. Over the last one and a half centuries the Cartier business has grown into a multi billion brand which now has extended its branches to other fields of interest, all from the luxury category.

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      Panthere de Cartier Bracelet has round-cut diamonds sprinkled on the head and mane of the panther, as well as at the end of its “C” shaped body. The eyes are emeralds and bring a welcome color spot. There is a buckle, ingeniously set, at the middle of the bracelet, so that it is easily maneuverable and can be opened and locked without disrupting the general slick and perfectly shiny aspect of the jewelry.

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      The same style and line as the Panthere de Cartier Bracelet is available in earrings, rings and pendants, creating, thus, a set which will be complete with all your favourite jewels ready to be displayed together or as separate pieces.

      Among lovers of the Panthere de Cartier collection we could spot: Keira Knightley, Leighton Meester, Kristen Stewart, Hillary Duff, Rosario Dawson, and many others. Prices for the items are not shown on-site, but they are well over 20.000 euros. A valuable and lucky acquisition for the happy lady who will benefit from the sparkles and shine of this jewelry.

Cartier Panthere Bracelet, 8.2 out of 10 based on 28 ratings

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