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      Panthère De Cartier Earrings, the white gold, diamonds, emeralds and onyx interpretations, are members of the same name collection: Panthère De Cartier. The name of this collection, and another one of the Cartier collections, for that matter, is inspired by Louis Cartier’s creative partner, who was nicknamed “The panther”.

      Louis Cartier was the grandson of Louis-François Cartier, who founded the business in 1847 when he took over his master’s workshop. It was Louis and his two other brothers, Pierre and Jacques who launched the business onto the world scene and built the basis for what the brand has become in the last years. High jewelry and horology have always been Cartier’s signature brands, although strong marketing and expanding campaigns have placed many other lines under the brand’s excellence umbrella.

Cartier Panthère De Cartier Earrings Pictures

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      The Panthère De Cartier Earrings are part of a very generous collection of panther motif jewelry represented in all areas: earrings, rings, brooches, bracelets, necklaces. Boucheron had, as one might have seen from other articles featured in this site, a snake as its lucky charm, and characteristic animal motif. Cartier seems to have set its preferences on the panther, since it has a historical affinity with the animal.

      Cartier’s vision of their panther motif is most often represented by a white or silvery theme with black or dark green spots. Materials employed in this collection are top quality, just as the brand has accustomed his clientele to doing. Brilliant cut diamonds, emeralds, 18 K white or yellow gold, onyx, these are the secrets which enhance the Panthère De Cartier mystery and class.

      With the Panthère De Cartier Earrings, Cartier designers have made a refined, yet rich combination between shapes and precious stones. Squares, rectangles, circles and a fluid, feminine emerald droplets ending writes the shape and color symphony of the Panthère De Cartier Earrings. White – black and white-green are the most visible and powerful contrasts found amongst colors. This combination of round/edged shapes and block/fluid architecture is in perfect harmony with the color theme and they converge together towards the final goal of creating a sharp and individual look on their owner.

      Emerald, tear shaped droplets create a feminine and elegant look while adding a most welcomed color spot into the black and white (silvery) color scheme. The emerald, diamond and onyx interpretation of the Panthère De Cartier Earrings is represented in other jewelry pieces of the same collection, thus offering a chance for you to sparkle all over with your favorite variety of the panther designs. The whole line, or only the earrings you have been acquainted with here can be a great gift for independent and strong personality women, who are not afraid to take risks, but have an undying love for elegance and refinement, at the same time.

Cartier Panthère De Cartier Earrings , 5.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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