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      One of Cartier’s most important business moves was the release of the Bestiary collection, in the 1940’s. This step marked the transformation from a successful jewellery business to worldwide a recognized brand. Inscribing in the animal motif creations, the Cartier Turquoise Turtle Brooch was created somewhere around 1965. This collectible piece is absolutely charming and is guaranteed to brighten anyone’s day.


      Founded in 1847 by Louis-Francois Cartier, the company has had a good start from the very first years of existence. Louis-Francois took over the work-shop of his master and invested all his craftsmanship and ambitions into making things run smoothly. By the beginning of the 1900’s Cartier was already a name dear to the lips of Royalty. In 1902 Cartier received an order for almost thirty tiaras for the coronation of King Edward VII. 1904 marked the great honor of being appointed Royal Jewellers by the Crown of England. Numerous other warrants followed en suite. Cartier was proving that the affirmation made about them by a Prince of Wales was true: “Joaillier des Rois, Roi des Joailliers” (“Jeweller to Kings, King of Jewellers”).

      Designing animal motif brooches, like that which envisaged a panther and which worn by Wallis Simpson brought them global acclaim and recognition, is something Cartier is famous for. Therefore, the Cartier Turquoise Turtle Brooch comes from a long line of famous and much sought after ancestors. The piece of jewellery combines wonderful colors and gives away a sensation of bohemian chic, which is so popular nowadays among stars, and not only.

      The center piece of the brooch is represented by a large turquoise which stands for the shell of the creature. The head, neck, legs and tail are made of 18 karats yellow gold. The gold setting is minutely textured and adorned with round, brilliant cut diamonds. The head of the turtle is also adorned with a beautiful oval shaped turquoise. The dimension of the Cartier Turquoise Turtle Brooch is of seven centimeters long. The jewel has an inscription by the French producer, certifying its golden setting.

      The superb Cartier Turquoise Turtle Brooch was estimated at a value that evolves around 26 000 US dollars. However, the age of the item, its charming looks and the perfect condition in which it has been preserved make it quite priceless.

      As a sign of old fashion style and timeless refinement, the jewel was sold in an elegant red case that has been preserved and is available with the brooch. That is some feast for the lovers of rare, old and well kept jewels!

Cartier Turquoise Turtle Brooch, 8.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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