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Known as “the king of jeweler, the jeweler of kings”, Cartier has designed masterpieces of jewelry since the 19th century when it was founded in Paris. Luxury, elegance, sensuality, perfection and irresistibly beauty are all attributed to Cartier`s stunning rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, pendants, brooches and watches. The innovative and inventive motifs, the perfect finishes and the harmonious lines make the Cartier style unique.

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The Solitaire 1895 is one of the most famous bridal rings ever made by Cartier. This model was designed in 1895 and it has been an icon ever since. This marvelous ring was the first ring made of platinum combined with diamonds. Therefore, it became a source of inspiration and opened new horizons in bridal jewelry creations.

In crafting a piece of jewelry, Cartier`s talented artisans work for months. From the original design to the final polish, many steps are involved, but the result is the one that counts, and in every single case, the result is a unique, sophisticated and extremely precious masterpiece.

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The cartier classic solitaire 1895 ring is the materialization of beauty, sensuality and elegance.  This Cartier classic features delicate lines, a brilliant-cut center diamond and smaller brilliant-cut diamonds radiating from the center. Made of Platinum 950‰, this rare diamonds ring has an everlasting character.

The design permits the light of the diamond to flow freely. The centered position and the fact that it is complimented with smaller diamonds make the main diamond to be highlighted and better emphasized. Cartier`s professionals search for and select the purest and most beautiful diamonds, consequently the Solitaire is embellished with the world`s best precious stones.

The Solitaire`s diamonds are undoubtedly high-quality pieces, but there is the possibility to choose the caratage for the diamonds used, ranging from 0.5 to over 5 carats. The center diamond is available in several shapes and cuts for you to choose from. The princess cut has pointed corners and is generally square in shape. The marquise and oval shape maximize carat weight and make fingers look long and slender. A versatile choice, the radiant diamond has trimmed corners. Also called the teardrop, the pear cut diamond has a single point and rounded end, while the cushion cut has rounded corners and larger facets to increase their brilliance. Even if the round brilliant cut is by far the most popular choice, the heart shaped diamond is the ultimate love symbol.

The cartier classic Solitaire 1895 bridal rings created by the House of Cartier require months of accurate work, so not everybody can afford buying one. Still, this exquisite piece of jewelry is appreciated all over the world and Cartier also offers matching wedding bands.

Cartier Classic Solitaire 1895, 7.4 out of 10 based on 7 ratings

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