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The House of Cartier stands for ultimate luxury and elegance as their jewelry is highly appreciated. Headquartered in Paris, the famous jeweler and manufacturer was founded in 1847 by Louis François Cartier and became internationally known for designing breathtaking jewelry lines meant to satisfy the exigencies of European Royal Courts. In addition to being the royal supplier for many monarchies of the old continent such as the Court of England, Spain, Belgium or Portugal, Cartier is the world`s largest producer if luxury goods.

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The talented artists and extraordinary jewelers of House of Cartier created masterpieces that entered the history. For example, “Bestiary” (the jewelry line which includes the famous Panthère brooch and Panthère bracelet created for Wallis Simpson), the astonishing diamond necklace made for Bhupinder Singh the Maharaja of Patiala and the “Santos” wristwatch.

Cartier style reinvents itself over and over again as every piece of jewelry gathers perfection, excellence and outstanding qualities. One of the Princes of Wales named Cartier “jeweler of kings, king of jewelers”. Even if the brand has the reputation for being the jeweler of kings and queens, it always took into account the other categories of customers and offered them the same perfect expression of beauty and luxury. Whether you purchase a smaller diamond bracelet, a pearl necklace or some Amber rings, Cartier is designed to meet every costumer’s needs and desires and, above all, every item is crafted with infinite good taste.

Cartier engagement rings come in different styles, but they all perfectly emphasize the romance and emotions around this important moment in one`s life, no matter if we refer to the classic Solitaire 1895, the elegant Ballerine, the lunar Honeymoon or the C-shaped Solitaires. But there is one more, the unmistakable Déclaration ring, an exquisite piece of jewelry that reunites love and true feelings in a realistic, simple and elegant way.

The Cartier Déclaration D’amour Solitaire Ring, as its name indicates, illustrates a promise, a courageous declaration, a manner to materialize all the emotions words cannot express, an eternal commitment that takes the shape of an exclusive masterpiece.

Cartier worships woman, therefore this pure platinum engagement ring emanates femininity but also strength. The Déclaration ring features a grandiose central brilliant-cut diamond (approximately 0.50 ct of from 1.00 to 1.99 ct) and baguette-cut diamonds. It is a perfect mélange between historic heritage and contemporary look, a remarkable proof of geometrical artistry that captures the very essence of profound feelings.

The Cartier Déclaration D’amour Solitaire Ring is the best option for those who dare to follow their heart, look at the future with optimism and never lose their hope. An eternal symbol of everlasting love, this Cartier ring matches any couple with distinctive and sophisticated tastes.

As you can see, whenever someone thinks about sophisticated and luxurious jewelry, Cartier is one of the first names that come to mind. Unfortunately, not all women can afford the luxury of having multiple pieces of Cartier jewelry. Most women only fantasize about wearing gorgeous Cartier rings that complement perfect gel nail designs. Unfortunately, most women have active lives which can make gel nail designs feel uncomfortable when doing chores. Furthermore, the cost of Cartier jewelry is too high for average women. Nevertheless, the engagement ring is the most prized jewelry of a woman. All woman should have at least a precious ring even if they can’t afford the luxury of spending each day at beauty and nail salons or shopping at the mall. So if you want to own an engagement ring that would make you feel like a diva,  you should definitely consider Cartier.

Cartier Déclaration D'amour Solitaire Ring, 7.3 out of 10 based on 10 ratings

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