‘Chanel’ Jewelry

      Chanel Ultra Cuff is a drop dead gorgeous member of Chanel’s latest collection, a launch which has been long awaited for and which has confirmed, once again that the Chanel spirit lives on and is still a force which chooses its own path. The Ultra collection features creative designs and unexpected materials, managing, nevertheless..

      The Coco Ring is a tiny embodiment of a wonderful and tumultuous tale. It manages to catch in its fiery shimmers and violet undertones the essence of a brilliant woman’s life philosophy. Its simple design and heart-warming colors are a proof that genius, devotion for one’s work, dedication to excellence shall never be overlooked.

    The Chanel Camélia Earrings carry within the very essence of Coco’s artistic credo. She believed that “The seeming simplicity of a masterpiece is sure proof of its grace”. This is why she loved camellias and considered them embodiments of her spirit. The camellia became the brand’s signature as ..

      The splendid Chanel High Jewellery Brooch was introduced in 2008 at the September’s Biennale des Antiquaires in Paris. A wonder of blue and silvery shades, the Chanel High Jewellery Brooch is made up of translucent blue lacquer, over a thousand diamonds and a huge Paraiba tourmaline gem, set on an 18 carats white gold frame.

The Comète Necklace is meant to do just that: steal all the attention and make the lady who wears it feel like she had been blessed with the shining of the stars. The massive amount of brilliant cut diamonds of differing sizes is set onto a white gold setting boasting 18 carats. The cosmic inspiration was considered by Coco herself “timeless and eternally modern”.