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      Chanel. A name that immediately springs up when one thinks of excellence in the fashion or accessories fields. Whenever refinement and elegance are the matter of the day Chanel must be invoked. This name has come to be equivalent to all that is chic and simple, to beauty rising from the most practical and earthly of things.

      Named after its founder, Gabrielle Chanel, the brand has a long and sinuous history. Its roots date back to the first decade of the 1900. That was the era when the young Gabrielle Chanel, known as Coco, among friends, opened up a small boutique commercializing hats for the high class ladies of the times. Her hard work and determination were to show their results in following years, when other shops were opened, selling clothing and accessories. Chanel changed the world’s conception about fashion.

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       The sumptuous and opulent dresses of the Belle Époque were regarded as ridiculous exponents of a past era. They were neither comfortable, nor practical, and Mademoiselle Chanel was simply outraged by the fashion of the day. This is how she decided to turn the world around, and bring her own statement to the look of the Parisian folks. It would not be long until the whole world knew who she was.

      The audacity and intrepid spirit of Coco seem to have been at the base of the Coco Ring. A line of colorful and simple jewels, gathering in several pieces the vitality and love of life of Gabrielle Chanel, whose name they bear. Mademoiselle Chanel stated that “simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance”. The belief of this great woman was made public to the world as early as 1923, voiced by the Harper’s Bazaar.

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      The Coco Ring is a tiny embodiment of a wonderful and tumultuous tale. It manages to catch in its fiery shimmers and violet undertones the essence of a brilliant woman’s life philosophy. Its simple design and heart-warming colors are a proof that genius, devotion for one’s work, dedication to excellence shall never be overlooked. The Coco Ring is our proof that Chanel is still among us, livelier and more exuberant than ever. The citrine core of the ring seems to spread a warm, sweet glow over the whole creation. It radiates beauty and serenity, merging with the romantic rose of the tourmalines and the cool violets of the perfectly finished amethysts. A symphony of colors, a mellow combination of voluptuous shapes, this ensemble is a discrete marriage between 18 carats yellow gold, citrine sparkles and amethyst depth. This ring is a precious portal to a world of fairy tales and perfection.

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