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      The Chanel story started not that long ago, unlike the Universe, but it has gained similar exposure and popularity, on a much smaller scale, that of the fashion area. Gabrielle Chanel, the founder of the brand started out with a tiny shop in Paris, around 1909. She began by selling hand made hats to the well off of those days. Later on she developed her business by opening other stores in Paris and she went on to sell her comfortable and modern clothing all over France, and ultimately, all over the world.

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      Coco, as she was known amongst friends, has an unrequited love for simplicity. She believed that “simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance”. Yet nothing about Chanel or her life was simple. She lived in a lavish and baroque apartment in Paris. She was an independent woman, although she had always known to make friends with powerful men and accept their help. Coco was a work addict. She used her business in times of pain, and she invested in her passion as if it were her child.

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      From this passion and love for excellence sprung Chanel, as the world famous brand we all know today. The Chanel Comète Necklace is just one of the many breath-taking successors of the jewellery line stars launched decades ago. The line originates in the 1932 hit, the Comètes Collection, which was Coco’s success. She had gained inspiration from the timelessness of the stars and had set no puny goal: she was going to adorn all women with the fiery shimmers of the stars, “stars of all sizes”.

      The Comète Necklace is meant to do just that: steal all the attention and make the lady who wears it feel like she had been blessed with the shining of the stars. The massive amount of brilliant cut diamonds of differing sizes is set onto a white gold setting boasting 18 carats. The cosmic inspiration was considered by Coco herself “timeless and eternally modern”. More than half a century from the moment she launched her Comètes we can still find them modern and timeless in their elegance.

      The Comète Necklace is set in a fixed, massive gold setting which allows it to embrace the wearer’s neck, without being an actual “chain”. It has a combination of concentric stars, at the heart of which reign a large diamond, the five edged star is then graciously continued around the back of the neck with two ribbons of brilliant cut diamonds set in 18 carats white gold. The two ribbons of shimmering light left as a trace by the dreamy comet are transformed in three separate baguettes, each shorter than the previous one. The overall impression of the necklace is amazing. The design, which ingeniously projected the diamonds on a hard, fixed frame, allows the piece to have an opening in the front, leaving an empty space between the star and the three thin diamond plated fingers. The asymmetry of the Comète Necklace makes it highly modern, while the diamonds and white gold combination, together with the star motif give it a strong taste of timeless elegance and old school charm. However, this is by no means a “vintage” looker. This amazing piece of high quality jewellery is created to shine its way to everyone’s hearts and to steal the spotlight wherever it may be seen.

Chanel Comète Necklace, 8.1 out of 10 based on 18 ratings

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