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      Just like any tradition fashion brand which respects itself and its fans, Chanel has a High Jewellery collection. The pieces included here are examples and actual proofs of the French jewellers’ craftsmanship. One of the masterpieces from the Haute Joaillerie line is the Chanel High Jewellery Brooch with lacquer, tourmaline and diamonds. This jewel is a piece of art demonstrating the utmost excellence level achieved at Chanel. Thus Chanel boasts grand mastery where the savoir-fair of jewellery pieces is concerned.

      The splendid Chanel High Jewellery Brooch was introduced in 2008 at the September’s Biennale des Antiquaires in Paris. A wonder of blue and silvery shades, the Chanel High Jewellery Brooch is made up of translucent blue lacquer, over a thousand diamonds and a huge Paraiba tourmaline gem, set on an 18 carats white gold frame. The frilly eerie looks of the petal-like details, as well as the subtle color variations, leave the public in sheer awe. Not often does the eye meet such a regal of blue fiery shimmers, brilliants sparkles and deep blue velvety touches.

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      The value of this Chanel High Jewellery Brooch is difficult to estimate. The Paraiba tourmaline making for the center piece weighs a massive 38 carats. The various dimensions and cut of the one thousand diamonds garnishing the brooch raise its value to fabulous amounts of money. But it is not only the value of the pieces themselves, as taken separately. This is a mere art object. It cannot be judged outside its context and complex creative and technical design.

      To understand why the Chanel High Jewellery Brooch in white gold, translucent blue lacquer, Paraiba tourmaline and diamonds entered the Haute Joaillerie standards we should look a little bit into the details of its center piece, at least. The Paraiba tourmaline is a highly rare and extremely valuable gem. The discovery of this gorgeous variety of tourmalines is of recent date. It was only in 1989 that they were stumbled upon, and ever since that moment a frantic battle over the Paraiba tourmalines began. The mining site where they were discovered was searched thoroughly and even cut to the ground; unfortunately, there are no more deep blue tourmalines to be found. This type of extremely rare jewels is characteristic of the Brazilian region of Paraiba and can be recognized by connoisseurs by their deep blue to green colors. The scarcity of their numbers is what makes them so expensive, as well as their qualities. Paraiba tourmalines above five grams, (of the rough stone) are extremely rare, and integer rough stones above 20 grams are truly rare. The value of this precious stone does not reveal itself, though, until it is cut. This is why the 38 carat Paraiba tourmaline, available in an irreproachable cut on the Chanel High Jewellery Brooch can be considered a piece of world class value itself.

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