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      A spectacular launch in the Ultra collection, the Chanel Ultra Cuff lets the world know that Chanel is as chic and modern as it ever was. The wide bracelet made of 18 carats white gold, diamonds and ceramic is a delight to the eye and a slick accessory, ready to wear with basically any high-fashion modern design. Stylish and glossy, this formidable fashion statement draws its magnetism from Mademoiselle Chanel’s credo: “simplicity is the keynote to all true elegance”

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      Chanel Ultra Cuff is a drop dead gorgeous member of Chanel’s latest collection, a launch which has been long awaited for and which has confirmed, once again that the Chanel spirit lives on and is still a force which chooses its own path. The Ultra collection features creative designs and unexpected materials, managing, nevertheless, to keep a balance between innovation and tradition, and stay on the well carved path of Chanel classiness.

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      Revealing the same appraisal for perfect geometrical shapes and clean lines, the Chanel Ultra Cuff speaks to the modern woman and goes perfectly with all the high tech accessories we keep at hand nowadays. The perfectly finished look of the cuff seems to resonate in the shiny tones of your laptop and velvety shimmers of the ultra slim mobile phone. This is an item which combines present day trends in technology, style and attitude, making, at the same time, a strong statement fashion wise.

      Most of the Chanel collections, in the jewellery line, are present day followers of the collections launched under the same name, a long time ago, by the founder herself. Comètes, Camélia, these are names of the jewels families baptized by Coco, inspired from her tastes and her life, created according to her vision. Every once in a while Chanel takes it onto themselves to develop and expand the legacy left by the charming lady who showed the world that a strong will and much hard work, sprinkled with a lot of char, will get you where you want to go.

      In spite of the difficult times she went through, Coco never ceased to devote herself to the business she had started as a young woman. She invested her best years, her sorrows and her fulfillments into this craft, and the world paid her back by loving her and keeping her alive in their memories. A revolutionary spirit, a woman who was not afraid to speak up and let everybody know what she was thinking. This is the message engraved in the simple and ultra slick Chanel Ultra Cuff. A mixture of femininity and androgyny achieved by clean lines and the combination of opposites: the highly modern black ceramic goes perfectly with the classic combination of 18 carats white gold and diamonds.

Chanel Ultra Cuff Bracelet, 8.3 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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