‘De Beers’ Jewelry

If you want to buy a diamond ring, or some other diamond jewelry confidently, knowing that you’re getting quality diamonds with carat, clarity and cut, De Beers is the brand you can go to; their pieces, like the De Beers Wildflowers Statement Ring are truly spectacular in design, craftsmanship and quality of the stone.

        The Marie Antoinette Necklace is yet another beautifully crafted piece of jewellery created by the diamntieers at De Beers. The Marie Antoinette Necklace triggers with it historical and stylistic hallmarks that are evident in the opulence and majesty of the design.

        Part of the High Jewellery collection, a true feast to the eye, the Lea Necklace brings forth a special kind of elegance and a stunning amount of flawless diamonds. The flowing, feminine lines of the jewel remind of aristocratic jewellery of the 18th century.

        A jewel that brings about elegance and sheer gorgeousness, the De Beers Dragonfly Ring reminds everybody about the privileges of being a woman. The beauty of this ring shines through serenely, throwing our imagination in a fairy tale realm, where princes and princesses are not that far fetched figures.

        The De Beers Art Nouveau Necklace is part of the De Beers High Jewellery collection. As a member of this section the necklace is expected to look gorgeous and be designed in an eye catching way. A picture of the De Beers Art Nouveau Necklace convinces us of the sheer truth of the testimonial we have just read.

        The Secret Kiss of the Rose Ring is a gift offered by the master jewellers at De Beers to their fans and to the lovers of exquisite jewellery. The novelty brought about by this ring makes it simply irresistible. The pear shaped, rose cut diamond that shields the pink ‘heart’ of the ensemble is a breath taking creative risk that totally paid off.