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        The High Jewellery scene would not be what it is today were it not for the legendary name of De Beers. Having been the first major producer and operator in the diamonds extraction industry, De Beers managed to create and maintain a monopoly that lasted for at least half a decade without being menaced by competition. Later on, in the turbulent years that followed the company managed to stay on top of the new and difficult situations it was facing and by the end of the 1900’s they had completely changed their marketing strategies and their business visions.

        The De Beers Art Nouveau Necklace is part of the De Beers High Jewellery collection. As a member of this section the necklace is expected to look gorgeous and be designed in an eye catching way. The statement issued by its makers on the main page of the jewellery family lets us know that their dedication to excellence is as relentless as it has ever been. A picture of the De Beers Art Nouveau Necklace convinces us of the sheer truth of the testimonial we have just read.

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        A gorgeous piece of jewellery that takes your heart away from the very first moment, a most elegant and classy shot of this mysterious and eclectic piece of art, arguments which speak for themselves and are more convincing than words could ever be. The black, grey, white and bluish palette of the presentation shot send us directly to the atmosphere of the Art Deco movement, a movement which evidently inspired the design of the De Beers Art Nouveau Necklace.

        It is no wonder that the designers at De Beers have found inspiration in a successful artistic movement manifested during the last century. Considering the fact that the brand was practically founded in the 19th century, the history and artistic movements that came along with its own development and existence should be interesting and inspiring enough to be reflected in one gorgeous piece of high end jewellery.

        The Art Deco movement became notorious and extremely popular in the 1920’s, having as a starting point the West European creative lot. France is the home of Art Deco, but the USA has been a more than hospitable foster home for the elegant and modern style that took over painting, architecture, fashion, industrial and interior design as well as the visual arts.

        The De Beers Art Nouveau Necklace is a beauty that features as main actors two breath taking diamonds. A 5.01 carats flawless pear drop white diamond and a 3.39 cushion cut diamond. The setting is platinum, paved with two hundred forty three round brilliant cut diamonds which vary in color (G+) and clarity (Vs+). The total weight of the diamonds adorning the De Beers Art Nouveau Necklace is 19.67 carats.

De Beers Art Nouveau Necklace, 7.8 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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