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        A jewel that brings about elegance and sheer gorgeousness, the De Beers Dragonfly Ring reminds everybody about the privileges of being a woman. The beauty of this ring shines through serenely, throwing our imagination in a fairy tale realm, where princes and princesses are not that far fetched figures.

        The De Beers story starts more than a century ago, in 1888, when Cecil Rhodes became involved in the diamond business that was just at the dawn of its existence around that period. His intelligent movements brought him a long and fruitful monopoly that lasted several decades. He managed to keep control over the diamond mining of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. When war came and business was starting to go down he fought the war of the people together with them and stuck by the company’s best interest with ambition.

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        The middle of the 20th century found De Beers involved in all kinds of activities that concerned the mining and trading of diamonds. The company is, to this day, the biggest company in the diamond mining, trading and industrial manufacturing sectors. The long held monopoly of De Beers diamonds had to end with the closing of the 20th century, since it became more and more evident that the business strategy they were conducting was no longer viable and their profits were shrinking by the day. A new marketing style and trading vision regained the profits the company was long waiting for.

        The De Beers Dragonfly Ring is a member of the high Jewellery Collection launched by De Beers. It is in compliance with the brand’s quality standards and puts forward a combination of classical elegance and opulence that go together perfectly. The refinement of this ring strikes from the first glance. A large, round brilliant cut white diamond scintillates its silent beauty from the center of the De Beers Dragonfly Ring. Two hundred and ninety nine small, brilliant cut diamonds sustain the fantastic architecture of the minutely designed piece of art.

        The quality of the materials employed in the making of the De Beers high jewellery is a certainty. They have an open policy on the disclosure of the diamonds’ grading. The four C’s which give the value of a diamond are all mentioned in the presentation of the individual pieces contained by the High Jewellery collection. The color of the diamonds used for the De Beers Dragonfly Ring is G. Clarity starts at a VS+ grading and the total carat weight of the diamonds mounted on the platinum setting is 6.89 carats.

De Beers Dragonfly Ring, 10.0 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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