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        De Beers has been the main player on the diamond trading and mining market for more than one century. Their monopoly lasted since 1888, when the company was founded, until the end of the 20th century, when business executives finally understood that the changes having taken place into the industry recommended a radical parting away with the old De Beers ways.

        Part of the High Jewellery collection, a true feast to the eye, the Lea Necklace brings forth a special kind of elegance and a stunning amount of flawless diamonds. The flowing, feminine lines of the jewel remind of aristocratic jewellery of the 18th century. The opulence and glamour of the Lea Necklace are balanced by exquisite refinement and extraordinary craftsmanship. The result shines its way from a sensational photo available on the company’s official site.

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        Eleven gorgeous white diamond droplets, pear shaped, adorn the Lea Necklace, together with a larger diamond that makes for the center piece of the ensemble. The round and pear shaped diamonds are combined with skill and fine taste to create an intricate web of flowers and butterflies. They drape around the neck like the most perfectly tailored fabric.

        Although the free market principles of nowadays do not leave much room for certainties, De Beers has been and still is to this day the world’s most important player in the diamond mining, manufacturing and trading industry. Their long lived monopoly has brought about much turbulence and heist, especially in the late 1990’s. Now the company profits from their 40% shares and have higher profits than they used to have when they owned twice the percentage of shares.

        The ability to put on the market a large quantity of diamonds, the access to the company’s own mining sites allows De Beers to offer their clientele the best of the best where diamonds are concerned. This is why the Lea Necklace features no less than 89 carats of flawless pear-shaped and round, brilliant cut diamonds.

        The classy beauty of the royal Lea Necklace speaks to a romantic and powerful woman who is in touch with her spirituality and femininity. The elegant design and delicate shapes envisioned by the De Beers diamanteers recommend this piece of jewellery to a restricted number of women. This is not a jewel for everybody; it is a rare piece with tremendous value, which should be valued as such.

De Beers Lea Necklace, 9.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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