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        The Secret Kiss of the Rose Ring is a gift offered by the master jewellers at De Beers to their fans and to the lovers of exquisite jewellery. The novelty brought about by this ring makes it simply irresistible. The pear shaped, rose cut diamond that shields the pink ‘heart’ of the ensemble is a breath taking creative risk that totally paid off. The ring looks absolutely gorgeous and its design takes us much further than just the ordinary beauty of diamond rings. This jewel trespasses limits and boundaries. It ceases being a jewel, it is more than an ornament, and it is an inspiring, versatile, precious piece that will make history for De Beers.

        The De Beers Secret Kiss of the Rose Ring is simply a ‘must have’. You see it and you are immediately taken with its boldness and transpiring femininity. There is so much romanticism in the shielded deep pink diamond that burns its passion behind the pear shaped flawless ‘hourglass’. This ring talks about the timelessness of love and of intense passion. It does not use words. To state its emotional message it uses color, shapes and diamonds. It is a work of a genius and, just as the De Beers testimonial states about the High Jewellery items- “a sculptural work of art in their own right”.

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        The sight of the Secret Kiss of the Rose Ring can be a good example of why De Beers has always been, and still manages to be the legend it is in the diamond industry. Having been founded as early as 1888, De Beers is to this day, by far, the most prominent and successful company in the diamond mining, manufacturing and trading business. The monopoly it held, being the first actual company to tackle diamond products and to have control over the trade, went on for more than a century.

        For more than a hundred years competitors struggled to make their way in the business controlled by this huge company. The end of the 20th century saw the radical change that was to bring De Beers on top of their profits, again. Renewing their business strategy and marketing techniques, as well as finally deciding to let go of their monopoly, brought an unexpected boost in the company’s revenue.

        This effervescence that the brand displays means that we are to expect more extraordinary pieces. Just like the Secret Kiss of the Rose Ring. The remarkable jewel features a 10.09 carats pear shaped D flawless rose cut diamond set over a 0.80 carats fancy intense pink round brilliant diamond. The core of the jewel is set in platinum and accompanied by no less than four hundred and twenty-eight round brilliant diamonds that boast a color grading starting at G+ and a clarity that takes off from VS+. The total diamond weight of the superb Secret Kiss of the Rose Ring is 13.38 carats.

De Beers Secret Kiss of the Rose Ring , 9.5 out of 10 based on 19 ratings

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