‘Dior’ Jewelry

Men often complain that they have no idea what gifts they should get to women, especially with a special occasion when the present is supposed to be romantic and sweet. Although women are complicated and sophisticated shoppers in general, making them happy is actually quite easy. It might come as a surprise to many, but […]

The Dear Dior Dentelle Medaillon Soleil Earrings are a special piece from the Dear Dior collection because they do not follow the same bright color themes, but rather find inspiration in the Sun’s rays; thus, the designer created them using 18 carat yellow gold, yellow diamonds, brown diamonds, green diamonds and sphenes.

This year’s Dior collections are something truly special, like the My Dior collection with pieces such as the My Dior Yellow Gold Cuff Bracelet because they are inspired from the past, the atmosphere and the heritage of the Dior stores, from the architecture of the buildings, the materials and textures.

       The fabulous Diorette collection reveals one springtime wonder that can be worn in all seasons, the Yellow Gold Diorette Ring. The brave and colorful piece features, in the all so known and loved style, insects and flowers as well as deep, sensual hued gemstones.

     The Dior Gourmande Libellule Ring is one of the delicious looking pieces designed by aristocratic Victoire de Castellane. The femininity and delicacy of the huge pink quartz that reigns as the central piece of the jewel is characteristic of de Castellane’s simply amazing designs. The 18 karat white gold setting offers a shiny and clean home to a fragile yet bold dragon fly that..

        The Egratigna Angelique Ring perfectly reveals de Castellane’s belief that jewellery should always be fun and worn for the sheer pleasure of wearing them, instead as being used as a social status indicator. There is no reason why jewellery should be boring, serious or official.

        A spring sensation that can be worn in any season, the Amethysts and Yellow Gold Diorette Earrings are here to brighten your days and to fill up your nights with color and sparkle. The earrings are just another one of Victoire de Catellane’s creative wonders. A mixture of colors and fantastic stories, of miraculous forests that will shield you from the bleak realities.

        The Gourmande Pastel Ring is a good example of how jewellery made by Dior can be not just gorgeous, but also creative and bold. The member of the Milly la Foret collection, the Gourmande Pastel Ring tells a story of light blue sparkling waters and dragon flies.

      Feast your eyes on these Dior Incroyables et Merveilleuses Fruit Earrings. They area part of the Dior Incroyables et Merveilleuses colletction, created under the lucrative and innovative reign of Victoire de Castellane. She has been appointed chief of the jewellery creative department since 1998, and has written colorful and stylish pages of Dior jewellery history […]

      Another absolutely stunning Dior collection, the Diorette, is host of some of the most extravagant and sought after pieces. The Diorette Yellow Gold and Citrine Ring is one of those great guys. This ring seems to be the perfect embodiment of a sunny spring day in heavens. It has a huge citrine gem at its […]