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        A spring sensation that can be worn in any season, the Amethysts and Yellow Gold Diorette Earrings are here to brighten your days and to fill up your nights with color and sparkle. The earrings are just another one of Victoire de Catellane’s creative wonders. A mixture of colors and fantastic stories, of miraculous forests that will shield you from the bleak realities. Golden and violet blend with blue, red, white, cyan and green to inspire the vitality we need to get any day started.

        Christian Dior, the founder of the company was born in 1905 and in his short lived life (only 52 years) he managed to leave behind an empire that stands to this day. The name Dior is associated, as it was from the very beginnings, with luxury and high fashion. Meanwhile the company extended its domains of activity and started branching into successful divisions that have something to do with luxury in their own ways. Be it clothing, accessories, jewellery, watch making or perfumes, Dior is as is hot as it ever was and stands out from the crowd not only through quality of products, but through its unique vision on things.

        The main piece on the Amethysts and Yellow Gold Diorette Earrings is the large amethyst gem, the center of the design and the core around which all the architecture of the jewel develops. Amethyst is a variety of quartz best known and loved for its deep violet colors and good resistance to scratches. Amethyst is better worn in the day time, since its color can be quite dark and intense and is best revealed by the natural light of the sun. The complex interaction of aluminum and iron is responsible for the amazing varieties of colors found in amethysts. Colors may vary from pink to blue or turquoise, green or violet.

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        The Amethysts and Yellow Gold Diorette Earrings make great looking accessories for different kind of outfits. They cam be used to spice up a dull office suit or they can be perfectly integrated in a boho chic ensemble that is so in style in the last years. Elegance and creativity blend together and make a statement that shall be observed and shall make an impression. But one must have some nerve to walk in with the audacious Dior designs. Dior is not a brand for everybody or for anybody. Besides the prohibitive prices some items may display there is a question of nerve involved. Designers like Victoire de Castellane, who has brought her amazing history and taste with her are rarities, but they cam always be seen at Dior.

        Coming from a family of aristocrats, one of the oldest aristocratic families of France, Victoire has put something of her blue blooded descendence into the designs for Dior. The Amethysts and Yellow Gold Diorette Earrings show that jewellery does not have to be boring or ‘serious’. Actually the earrings ‘speak’ of de Castellane’s belief that jewellery is made for women and therefore should be a considerable source of pleasure and enjoyment through its looks and in itself, not just because it costs a lot.

Amethysts and Yellow Gold Diorette Earrings, 7.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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