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Christian Dior has been among the leading French luxury goods designer, manufacturer and retailer ever since its inception in 1946. While its focus is on many goods like footwear, fragrances, makeup, leather goods and others, we are going to focus on the jewelry-making in this article, more precisely on a piece from their latest collection, Dear Dior. This collection is so striking and colorful that it is difficult to choose a piece that stands out. However, the Dear Dior Dentelle Medaillon Soleil Earrings have something unique.

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The Dear Dior collection is a tribute, homage to the past, brought by the very talented designer Victoire de Castellane through a series of oversized brooches, rings, earrings and bracelets. The collection’s jewelry is overly visual due to the designer’s use of brightly colored gemstones like emeralds, opals, sapphires, rubies and others. The Dear Dior Dentelle Medaillon Soleil Earrings for example, are made from 18 carat yellow gold with yellow diamonds, brown diamonds, green diamonds and sphenes.  The designer declared that couture and embroidery inspired her for this collection, but our technology-invaded 21st century as well, with its bursting information, brightness and color.

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Such is the Dear Dior collection, yet somehow the Dear Dior Dentelle Medaillon Soleil Earrings seem to be set apart, because they’re what you might call “shyer” than its other sister pieces. What they do have in common with the rest of the collection is the back side, which on all pieces looks like embroidered lace. In fact, these details are so precious and delicate that they look just as beautiful as the fronts of the pieces, only with a different, more discreet charm. Furthermore, the designs of the lace patterns on the back are taken directly from 1950s Dior lace archives, thus making these pieces of jewelry even more interesting.

The Dear Dior Dentelle Medaillon Soleil Earrings are inspired from the brilliance of the sun, having at their center heart-shaped yellow diamonds which seem to explode in a million rays represented by the delicate, multi-colored diamonds that surround them. The way the designer chose colors here is much more refined and profound than with the rest of the collection, which screams to grab your attention. Nevertheless, the fantasy and vividness of this collection is something truly out of this world, it is a collection made for confident women who embrace their femininity and aren’t afraid to show it.

Dear Dior Dentelle Medaillon Soleil Earrings, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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