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      Victoire de Castellane’s name has been intimately linked with Dior for the last years, since she has been appointed Creative Director of the Fine Jewellery line, in 1998. She comes from an extremely long line of French aristocrats, her ancestors being easily traced as early as the 9th century. She grew up in a refined and high-class environment, with her grandmother taking care of her, and inspiring the love she nurtures for conspicuous jewellery.

      Victoire’s fascination with huge, colored stones and oversized jewels may be reminiscent of her grandmother’s pieces, but the lavish, innovative intersections between creativity, unusual materials and fine art is surely drawn from her own talent and gift. The Coffret de Victoire Pink Shell Ring proves my affirmation.

      Part of the Coffret de Victoire collection, Coffret de Victoire Pink Shell Ring is a tribute, together with all the other collection members, to the wonderful variety of cultures, geographical areas, traditions and specificities experienced by their creator. It’s really a potpourri of little wonders, refined miniatures reminding us of how astonishing and perplexing this world we are living in really is.

Dior Coffret de Victoire Pink Shell Ring Picture

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      A sensual intertwining of rare and exquisite colors and materials, the Coffret de Victoire Pink Shell Ring is meant to take you to a totally different chamber of reality. It resembles a far off place, soaking with dreamy, fairy tale lights and settings. This ring can be mistaken or a passport to Magic Land. The matter of the fact is that de Castellane has always had a soft spot for fairy tale and childhood dreams pieces.

      There is this superb marriage between the perfect white of the shell’s intimate core and the pinkish nuances of its exterior. A combination so divine and precious, evoking angels and mysteries which have been long taken from our daily lives, the Coffret de Victoire Pink Shell Ring has a surprising design, fitted to the unusual material is was inspired from and made of.

      The Coffret de Victoire Pink Shell Ring is a highly unusual apparition on the jewelry scene. It is an adaptation of the Little Mermaid’s engagement ring, or so it seems, since it has been manufactured from pink shell…that pink shell of the small conches you can spot everywhere on sea or ocean shores. The fragile shell has been set in 18 K white gold and a touch a very fine diamonds and purple sapphires has been sprinkled all over for a final touch. The result is a mix of emotion and purity, flowing with discrete sparkles which have spread on the body of the shell as well as its margins.

      Castellane’s fascination to details has not been overseen in this piece either. Apart from the colorful diamonds and violet sapphires icing gleaming on the spiraled edges of the conch, there are tiny ‘rites of passage’ all over the shells steep walls. A white gold paved round chamber is waiting for just the right finger to sneak in, and become king of the Sea castle, with this eerie charm guaranteeing the premises for a long and fruitful reign.

      When such a marvelous piece comes in sight, and its maker is Dior, prices are better not to be tackled with, at least not if you are not a millionaire. For the vast majority of men and women out there, this art piece can remain solely an item to be fantasized about, and admired from afar. The few lucky ones who will afford it, had better hurry to purchase it, since I don’t see how such a staggering ring could be available for long. These are unique handmade jewels, after all.

Dior Coffret de Victoire Pink Shell Ring , 6.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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