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      Another absolutely stunning Dior collection, the Diorette, is host of some of the most extravagant and sought after pieces. The Diorette Yellow Gold and Citrine Ring is one of those great guys. This ring seems to be the perfect embodiment of a sunny spring day in heavens. It has a huge citrine gem at its centre and its beautiful cut and hue make it look like it spreads tons of light from within. The warmth it confers to the whole piece is also evocative of a natural utopia. I don’t think one sees many pieces like this in a lifetime.

      The excellence and creativity which the jewelry line has displayed, for some time now, has met with sheer and general appreciation. The creative mind behind stunning designs and intricate details has left us no alternative but to acknowledge and love her for all that she puts into her work. In spite of the fact that they are not keen of possessing a heritage jewellery collection which would take pride in the unique gems they own, Dior never ceases to amaze its customers. Dior is a different story altogether. It does not thrive on classic jewellery making. A normal attitude, in the true spirit of Dior. They constantly innovate, and they are darn good at it, too!

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      Flowers of innumerable colors, ladybugs, butterflies, leaves, and a central shimmering golden sun, this is what you can expect from the Diorette Yellow Gold and Citrine Ring. The citrine stone weighs a healthy 12.00 carats and there are numerous exotic stones sparkling from the eclectic palette of lively colors and feminine shapeof this chromatic poetry. A 0.04 carat diamond, mandarin garnets, amethyst, tsavorite and pink sapphires of a total 0.25 carats weight shine their way to make you smile.

      The Diorette Yellow Gold and Citrine Ring can be matched with earrings from the same collection, with complimentary colors and having a similar theme. The design can be found in different interpretations, with amethyst, or other wonderfully colored stones as the center piece. Colors of the Flowers, leaves and other minutely handmade details are made in lacquer, hand painted. Naturally, all interpretations of the ring have different color schemes to go with the center piece, which is always a large semi-precious, wonderfully cut stone.

      Prices for the Diorette Yellow Gold and Citrine Ring start from 8,500 euros. Other variants of the ring have approximately the same prices, with some insignificant chanes, according to the materials employed in their creation.

      If you are searching for the perfect gift and have not found it yet, this is it!. I am pretty sure that women will be blown away with these rings, no matter what interpretation you chose to offer. They are truly spectacular and will immediately light up the day. You just can’t stay mad with such a piece of art on your finger!

Dior Diorette Yellow Gold and Citrine Ring, 9.0 out of 10 based on 14 ratings

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