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     Founded in 1946 by one of the world’s most avant-garde designers, Dior is to this day one of the world’s greatest and most inspiring fashion houses. The remarkable creations of eccentric visionaries like John Galliano or Victoire de Castellane have taken the world on by surprise on a theatrical and flamboyant experience.

     The Dior Gourmande Libellule Ring is one of the delicious looking pieces designed by aristocratic Victoire de Castellane. The femininity and delicacy of the huge pink quartz that reigns as the central piece of the jewel is characteristic of de Castellane’s simply amazing designs. The 18 karat white gold setting offers a shiny and clean home to a fragile yet bold dragon fly that accommodates, in its turn, two white diamonds.

     De Castellane’s style has been known to be extremely bold and creative ever since her early beginnings. Having started out her fame days at Chanel, Victoire de Castellane confesses that the 14 years of work she had enjoyed with Karl Lagerfeld offered a marvelous amount of experience both professionally and artistically. She says that those were the days when she learned that one must trust her own instincts, talents and take things less serious in order to free that undisclosed reserve of ingenuity lying beneath infringements.

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     The Dior Gourmande Libellule Ring is part of the Milly-La-Foret collection, launched in 2008. The pieces were inspired by one of Castellane’s favourite themes. The vegetal and colorful traits of the jewels draw their roots in the famous garden that Monsieur Dior owned and loved so much at his residence of Milly La Foret. The minutely conceived rings, earrings or necklaces display fantasy flowers and insects, all coming together in eye catching combinations that breathe optimism and innocence.

     As the creative director of Dior’s Fine Jewellery department, Victoire de Castellane was not afraid to let loose where her drawings were concerned, imprinting her love for huge gemstones and color in the appearance of the lines she created. For many years now she brings the sweet, pure air of childhood dreaming into the audacious and brave look of her jewels. She is not afraid to play with theatrical and almost kitsch notes, she has the courage to design huge pieces, that showcase relentless attention to detail and she never tires to tell the story of the modern woman, creating for the joy of her admirers and for her own pleasure. The talented and free spirited Victoire believes that jewellery should be worn out of pure pleasure, not just as a means of boasting your social status and adorning yourself with boring, serious stones, simply because they are ludicrously expensive.

     The jewellery created by Dior is fun and extremely wearable, and even if the label is so much sought after, the prices are relatively affordable. This is more than obvious if we are to take the price of the Dior Gourmande Libellule Ring, which is of approximately $6000. For 19 grams of 18 karat white gold, two 0.5 carats of white diamonds and a staggering 50 carats pink quarts, that’s not such a big price. Not to say that the looks of the ensemble are sure to brighten your day and get you in the spotlight in the most pleasurable possible way.

Dior Gourmande Libellule Ring, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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