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        It has been more than five decades since the Dior House was founded. Monsieur Christian Dior, the father of the New Look managed to see his dreams coming true even if his life ended absurdly when he was only 52 years old. He left behind a name that was going to grow bigger and bigger. His legacy has been taken forward and his audacious designs have found creative echoes in the minds of the ones who have taken upon themselves to continue the Dior saga.

        The Gourmande Pastel Ring is a good example of how jewellery made by Dior can be not just gorgeous, but also creative and bold. The member of the Milly la Foret collection, the Gourmande Pastel Ring tells a story of light blue sparkling waters and dragon flies. The aquamarine gem which thrones in the middle of the magnificent architecture of the jewel combines with the white, brilliant cut diamonds, pink sapphires and mother of pearl that creates an idyllic image of nature.

        The dragon fly that seems to have stopped for only a moment on the glistening mirror of clear waters represented by the aquamarine is a motif of this collection. Various flowers, insects and small animals have been gathered in Milly la Foret to recreate Monsieur Dior’s favorite garden from his residence.

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        In keeping with the belief of a true aristocrat, which Victoire de Castellane is, the materials and gems employed in the making of these jewels are not used to impress by their prices and the finality of the designs is not to boast social status. Victoire de Castellane, who comes from one of the oldest aristocratic lines in France, strongly believes that jewellery should be worn for the fun and sake of it, not for stating that you are rich and that you can afford some of the exclusive rocks available at the time. It is, practically, the gift of a woman to other women. A gift intended to self confident and self conscious women that know that everything in life should be taken with a pinch of salt.

        The Gourmande Pastel Ring may not be appealing for women who are used to see jewellery as a serious and boring category of accessories. The Milly la Foret story is bound to take you places, magical and colorful places that will wipe out the smoke and dullness of reality when worn. The Gourmande Pastel Ring is also guaranteed to make an impression. It shall not pass unnoticed, just as no other design signed by Victoire de Castellane has any chance of passing by just like that.

        The wonderful thing with Dior jewellery is that you can afford to wear wonderful designs of great quality imprinted ‘Dior’ for prices which range from somewhere around $400 to prices that have many more zeros than that. That’s the fun of having a generous and talented woman as the creative head at Dior.

Dior Gourmande Pastel Ring, 9.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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