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      These days I have come across one of the most mind-blowing yellow gold rings I have ever seen, the Dior Gwendoline Ring in Onyx. A mysterious and romantic marriage between two colors that prove to have worked out wonders together. All in the combination of 18 K yellow gold and two huge, breath-taking onyx roses. The roses are lack as the night and look ravishing. A detail diamonds and yellow sapphire bee reminds us of Victoire de Castellane’s design imprint and makes us fall in love once again with her creations. Thank God for the blessing of having such a talented, wonderful creative mind at the head of the design team of Dior.

      Dior is no newbie to the high joaillerie scene. They have been road openers and have pioneered every aspect of the business they have been involved in. There is no other brand which spells excellence and high class gorgeousness quite like Dior. From the first time I laid eyes on the Dior jewellery section I have been irremediably in love with everything de Castellane has done. She’s a genius, and the expert jewelers working with and producing the actual jewellery are amazing. There is so much detail in some of the collections and creations, that it’s actually super difficult just to see them there yourself. A Dior jewellery is a challenge to the senses and to the imagination.

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      In the case of the Dior Gwendoline Ring in Onyx it is not so much about the intricacy of details and stupefying combination of electric colors. It’s more about timeless elegance with a very avant-garde polish to it. It’s paradoxical, you might argue, it may be so, but this is what unique minds manage to create…..timeless intertwinements between opposites. I don’t think anybody can see this ring and not have at least an opinion or a stand towards it. It has so much personality and looks so astonishing, that I myself, immediately felt that I had to let the world know about it.

      The rose motif is inspired by the founder of this top class brand: Christian Dior. His favourite flowers were the roses. The ring is available in a range of different interpretations, with red, white, and light rosy flowers made of corals, opals and so on. My personal favourite is the onyx version, because the contrast between the warmth of the gold and the deep, true black of the two flowers is really amazing.

      Just like any other creation, the stunning Dior Gwendoline Ring in Onyx does not come cheap. The massive 24 grams of yellow gold, the 0,05 carat diamonds and 0.25 carat yellow sapphires paving the bee detail on the side of the roses, together with the hand shaped onyx adornments rise up to a considerable 8.400 euros. The ring is worth every cent if you ask me, and I’m sure it will not be available for long, since stars like Keira Knightley have loved it so much as to wear it at highly popular events.

Dior Gwendoline Ring in Onyx, 9.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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