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      Dior’s 2009 spring collection has brought to light some of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry ever seen. The Milly Carnivora 37 pieces collection is a superb fantastic garden, imagined by Victoire de Castellane on the Belladone Island. The creative director at Dior has outdone herself again and to show the whole world that it’s true we’ll testify with the “Poisonous” necklace which is part of the collection.

      Among the brilliant and eclectic colors of the Milly Carnivora we find a poisonous flower of unseen beauty and grace. Just like all marvelous and irresistible flower, this one is a dangerous one….it is “Poisonous’. The necklace is a cutting edge piece of art, in the innovative style of Dior. High jewelry, irreproachable quality, and a design which can never, ever be ignored or pass the eye without stirring sheer awe.

      The creative process for the collection took about four months and it features top secret techniques and most valuable skills. The nature inspired pieces are characterized by fancy colors, obtained by means of lacquer, gold, precious and semi-precious stones like diamonds, pink, yellow and blue sapphires, emeralds, or rubellites, Paraiba tourmaline.

      The Poisonous Necklace by Dior is made of diamonds, tsavorite garnets, lacquer, rubellites and is set in 18 K white gold. The necklace is set with turquoise textile strings. A appealing color combination of turquoise, green, white and deep red. Green tingling and sparkling gems represent the tiny leaves of the deadly flower, while small and delicate red ovals take our thoughts to fragile buds. The shape so original and the femininity of this piece of jewelry are undying. There is so much joie de vivre in the electric blue and in the strong reds and greens…al sparkled up with diamonds shine.

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      The first line of the Dior Saga was written in 1947, when the young Christian Dior launched his first collection and achieved immediate and mind blowing success. He became known for the “New look” style and a much sought after designer. He collaborated with stars the likes of Marlene Dietrich, Rita Hayworth, Marilyn Monroe and many others. Dior was always a leader, Dior does not follow, it has always been the road opener in all aspects of their business. Be it clothing, jewellery, or anything else, they take it to the ultimate level of quality, tremendously fascinating looks, and luxury extravaganza.

      The Poisonous necklace is not available for sale on the Dior site, but you can find it in their boutiques all over the world.

Dior Poisonous Necklace, 9.8 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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